Wu Li and other five people compete in MVP, and the cloves are not mentioned. They face the Warriors and then cut 30 + 5 certificates themselves.

Although the https://www.nbatrikots4.com NBA2021-22 season’s regular season has only played 20 games, it seems that the MVP winners of the regular match have an answer. Stephen – Curry Because the Golden State Warri has achieved 18 wins and 2 negative alliances first record became the biggest popular of MVP. And Demar Durzan played the best performance in the career in the Chicago Bull, and in his leadership, the bull officially ended the long reconstruction process, and became one of the best teams in the league. The ranking is slightly behind, the defending MVP Nikolai, his data is much different from the season, but because the current record is not ideal, he is temporarily ranked in Curry and Durzan. And the two MVP’s winners is also one of the popular candidates of MVP this season. The same Brooklyn Nets are a star Kaiwen-Durant’s season. You can get 28.6 points, https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com with Curry columns. Whether it is in what media, these five people are MVP leaders, but everyone ignores a person, that is, Los Angeles Club Star Paul-George, he is not unfair to play extremely excellent performance.

The two-year finals MVP winner-Lennad is due to the long-term lack of surgery during the offset period, so that the fast ship has a great question of the outside world. Although George demonstrated his team’s ability in the playoffs last season, there are still many people who have questioned whether he can lead the team in a long regular season. With the time being a top offensive option, the 31-year-old player is now experiencing his best season since the 2018-19 season to win the MVP vote in the Oklahoma Thunder.

George’s statistics on the last four seasons

In the absence of Len Nard, George has https://www.maillotbasket6.com completely controlled the attack of the Clippers. He used the usage rate up to 33.7% this season, not only refreshed the new personal career, the second, second only to Dallas alone Luka – Echockey. And in addition to the score, George also played an important role in organizing attacks, helping Terest Man, Leji – Jackson, Luke – Kenard, Ivezi-Zu Baz and Saija-Har Tentan and other role players have a chance to score, and these people have succeeded under his https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com leadership. George’s pre-field can send the highest 5.2 assists in the whole team, which is flattened to the best results of his last season. Teammaster Jackson gave George’s high evaluation: “We need him to do everything for us, let us be in the position, I think he is very good, he has the best mentality he has.”

In the rapids of 11 wins in this season, the most unexpected may be their defense. Under the leadership of George, the current defensive rating rankings of the Clippers will only allow the opponent to get 102.2 points, and according to the official statistics of NBA, George’s defensive victory contribution value ranks second, only The best defensive player from the year, Luidi Gobel.

The hull striker Mucus Morris believes that George did not get enough respect: “George did not get the honor you have, you know that https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
he always maintains a positive attitude, he also played very well, I have never seen A player who has a height of 2 meters 03 can be so smooth and can do what he does now. He should be mentioned in the discussion of the greatest players in those alliances. I just think he is always excluded. I don’t know why I don’t know. “

In today’s fast boat, the league leader, although the fast ship finally loses the ball, George has done the best, 36 minutes of war, 24 voters 11, free throw 6 5 get 30 points, 5 A rebound and 5 assists, once again use their performance on both ends of the offensive and defense to have a location in the MVP discussion, this is still in the case of other star players around him. Although he may have not yet win enough respect, George’s value is not doubtful to the value of the ship.

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