Why is the Lake people win the ball? Woger finally exposed the essence, the rest of the trading was originally a wrong

The NBA regular season continues, and the current record of the Lakers does not meet people’s expectations. The Lakers currently rank eight in the west of 10 wins and 11. More than 20 https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
games have been conducted, the Lakers currently hand over this record is obviously unsatisfactory. The lunar lake team has a big tricks to have a deal, and it is not good to see the effects they have achieved.

You will find that the Lakers is a five-five situation in the face of any team. Even if they face some weakness, it is difficult to have a winning ball. Why does the Lakers are so difficult this season? After the end of the last game, Walger was also open, revealing the reason why the Saihu people is difficult to win. He is the biggest question of the Lakers in the Lakers to appear on the defensive end.

Walle believes that the Lakers does not have much problem in the offensive end, and their biggest problem is to prevent opponents. In fact, fans are very agreed with Viguel’s expression. In the strict sense, the https://www.maillotbasket6.com Lakers’ attack does not have much problem, James is now equipped with 25 points. Although Davis declined, his ruling power still exists. Wei Shao also added its own offensive aggressive in recent games, and the Lakers’ average score of this season is also the fifth place in the League. The biggest problem in the Lakers is that they can unable to defend the opposition, they are too serious in the defensive end.

The defensive efficiency of the Lakers is too serious, and their defensive efficiency this season is the 20th place in the league. From the first two years, the defensive efficiency of the first two years declined to defensive efficiency, which is unacceptable to any coach. But as the main coach Voger, he did not have any way, “the” smart woman is difficult to be no rice “, the lakes now have difficulty to keep them https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com defense in each game. Because their players are too old, there are many players who are very good at defensive.

Anthony’s defensive steps are slow, and Elington defensive steps move slowly. Wei Shao is very prone to leakage in the ball, and Tak’s defensive experience is insufficient, Xiao Jordan and Howard are completely unable to prevent the other party’s poor. The lakes can play the players on the game, almost half of the players are not good at defensive, how can they play a good performance in the defensive end? Woger is very helpless as a head. After all, the lineup of the Lakers in the https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
first two years was also the first defensive efficiency of the alliance under his tuning.

Therefore, the cause of the current status of the Lakers is the brain trading of the drum management. Players such as Pop, Kuzma, and Carru, Car Russo have a very good performance in the defensive end, but the Lakers will send them away. The trading period of the break destroyed the defensive system they were previously established. Leading this season evolved into a situation today. If the Lakers can keep the lineup last season, may now be the previous four records in the western part, so we can figure out why the Lakers will struggle this season.

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