Why is MLB resort difficult to other alliances?Succession and salary cap

June 2 (Wen / ESPN BRADFORD DOOLITLE Compilation / Grand) In the three major alliances of the new crown epidemic, NHL has taken the lead in the programs, and the 24 team entered the playoffs.Most approval tickets.NBA works equally, it is currently in July, and 22 teams are currently developing the details of the Orlando resort, and sources revealed that this program has a great probability.In contrast, MLB’s rematch progresses slowly, especially the recent alliance and player association have conducted several rounds of taking the knot, and both parties have 50 and 114 huge differences on the completion of the reseller, and the income distribution plan is moreIt has a speech.This status quo allows the baseball fascinating, and the 1994 strike shadow has not been completely dissipated from the baseball world.Why can’t MLB can’t keep up with another two union priests, the return of the baseball faces what kind of special resistance?

Outdoor sports have seasonal long schedules are difficult to arrange

The maximum resistance of the MLB resort is obviously from the schedule. Different from the other two alliances close to the end of the routine, when MLB is able to start, still hanging. A more difficult problem is that the basketball and ice hockey in the closed venue are different from the closed venues, although some baseball fields can use the ceiling, baseball is still an outdoor movement. The ball started from the spring training. When the autumn classics were over, the schedule entered the winter team to be unimaginable for some cold regions.

Therefore, NBA and NHL only need to develop a season of race programs, which is obviously much lower than MLB arrangements for the entire season. The former chose a resort plan for their respective sports characteristics, and baseball caught https://www.mlbboutique2.com two difficulties – both needed to have a lot of regular seasons to decide in the seasons, but also to end in time, otherwise the World Competition may change Snow war. Naturally, the mild central horses is also a program. But not all markets are willing to give up such a chance to hold large activities. The League currently considers the player’s 50 conventional replacement programs, on the one hand, it is also forced by the stress.

The Three League’s small alliance is also facing a similar schedule. The remaining competitions of NHL and NBA Small Alliance have been numerous. Even if they cancel this race, they will not cause too serious impact, and the playoffs arrangements of the big alliance are also unrelated to the small alliance players. The MLB regular season has been closely related to the small alliance. Nowadays, https://www.maillotsenligne.com the small alliances have difficulty financial difficulties, and the residue of layoffs is frequent, how to resettle the small alliance players, and formulate a new big alliance team list is also MLB special challenges.

Income distribution self-formed system wage cap into taboo topic

Even if NBA and NHL schedule are not so deep, they solve the player’s salary problem will still be much easier than MLB. The key is that the salary cap, which is also a place that MLB is completely different from other three major alliances.

Since NBA and NHL have a certain proportion of wage income and alliance income, it is reasonable to adjust salary in the event of sudden changes in income. Although the salary cap this season was announced before the opening season, the parties from these alliances have become accustomed to the model https://www.fanbutikk.com of salary and income hook. NHL’s labor agreement contains terms that adjust salary when income shortage or force majeure events. NBA also has similar provisions, and the player will pay in this case.

MLB is a union without a wage, and the wage problem of MLB multi-labor struggle is the bottom line of the player’s association, any player income distribution scheme that is hooks with the league income is unable to touch. The proposal of the League, the proposal of the May 5th, has encountered the strong rebound of the player, and it is not unpleasant.

In addition, it is important to reiterate that due to most of the schedule, NHL and NBA losses are relatively light, and the salary issue has been placed behind the player safety and the matching arrangement. The MLB is the affected situation throughout the season, and the players will talk about income distribution, which is obviously much larger than the two alliances.

The contradiction of labor and capital has been continued to negotiate is imminent.

Although labor disputes exists in all alliances, the mlb and player association has much more intense than other sports. In the 1960s and 1980s, by struggling with the team owners on various battles, Ma Wen Miller led the player’s association to grow from an inconspicuous organizational one of the most powerful unions in the United States.

Incidents that the current labor agreements in NBA and NHL have two years beforewards, while the MLB and player associations will determine the future of the labor agreement for more than one year. Before the emergence of the new crown epidemic, the preparation stage of the agreement negotiation has already had a fierce opinion. Considering that the two sides lack mutual trust, MLB’s negotiations face many aspects of other alliances.

In contrast, NBA President Adam – Xiao Hua is widely respected, and the alliance and player association are more like a real partnership. Although the headman of NHL has experienced several stops of the Court-Bateman, the Alliance and the Player Association cooperates in the problem of compliance, and Betman is even said that the relationship between the two sides is his “the best in his career.” of”. The MLB’s labor relations will make the outlook of the resort more uncertain.

Baseball culture meaning special national ball carries social hopes

Baseball as a national sports in the United States is an important part of the majority of ordinary people’s family life. And the Baseball Competition has also had a special meaning. There have been officials say that MLB’s rematch marks the regression of society. In the two world wars and the 2001 terrorist attacks, this role has been played. At the same time, the team owner and player, and the public confrontation between the big alliance and the small alliance made the people feel that the baseball community is only business, rather than helping everyone’s life is normal. The generals of the Poo are not interested in the negotiations in the sports world, especially in their eyes of a group of rich people with another group of rich people.

Therefore, regardless of this for baseball fairness, if the mlb’s resort does not keep up with NBA and NHL’s footsteps, the position of baseball in the North American sports world will be severely hit. The baseball has a great opportunity to help the people recover from the crisis, so that everyone feels how far our history has the oldest alliance. Unfortunately, this opportunity may have lost this opportunity unisented unless Clark, Manfred and their respective camps have returned to the negotiation.

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