Why does Winkins play without sweating? When he jumped into the rebound when he got a rebound, the Zumsz expression understood

枸 哥, the rivers https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com and lakes say NBA first day, the lower limit, the upper limit, the upper limit Joe master, but this guy is holding the Baoshan, I would rather take 18 points for each soy sauce, you said his mediocrity, he carefully Nadga, get 10000 points than Antonni, you say he is strong, this buddy can play without sweating every day.

Many fans think that Vinkins playing without sweating is ridiculous, sending a vintage for more than 30 minutes, through detail, we really can see that Wilkins just complete the buckle is almost not seeing sweat. Mark of.

Will Kitz playing without sweating? This may still come from Winkins super talent, when you use your own physical strength and energy to do something, your physical consumption will naturally bring sweat, but Vilins does not seem to be in conjunction. For example, the Warriors have https://www.nbatrikots4.com seen this incredible scene in the game of the Bravaders.

The Warriors gave the game of the game, and the Vigins vacated the pass basket, but obviously Vints did not want to have too many physical contacts with Zu Bazs, and Vilins shot in advance, but the ball Didn’t enter. At this time, people feel that the incredible scene has happened, and Vilins will jump, his knees have almost no bending, and Vilins is like installing a spring, and the rate of bounce is quickly scared.

From the slow lens, Wigkins gave a jump under this rebound, the head has been flushed with the basket. What is the concept? There are also many players who can run the head basketball in the NBA, but can be jumped in the same place, and the flat baskets that are tapped in a light-written basket may be a person.

When Vilins grabbed this rebound https://www.nbatrikots4.com in the air, when seeing the upper half of Vilins in his head, Zumbatz is also desperate, this is still a ball, or this is the NBA game, it is estimated to be directly Hold the ball home.

Yes, this is the reason why Vinkins is not sweating? Because the things made on Vilins in the field are always over, in fact, there are sports experts to analyze this, when some athletes have a certain height, when their muscles and exercises can keep healthy and Expected, even high-intensity exercise, it will not cause them a lot of sweat, and the last player with such a bug is called Jia Bal, a guy who has played 20 years in NBA.

The 26-year-old Vints has already played a ball in the league. On the day of Vintes, if this brother has been holding a thermal cup, it is estimated that there is a chance to hit 45 years old, and the https://www.maillotbasket6.comcontract will lead the contract with the contract. And the Warriors is now the system, Vilins is undoubtedly entered the comfort area, I want to see the 枸 枸 断, almost no possibilities.

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