Warriors, two, you will be! Training Chinese Dai Xiu dunks 18 shots

This season, the Warriors showed excellent performance, and the previous 20 games have achieved 18 wins and 2 negative records, and the high-rise alliance is the first. It is worth mentioning that this https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com warrior https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comstill has a reinforcing space, and the two sings of Kleie Tomson will recover. At present, Clay is developing the Alliance Team Santa Cruz Warriors training, looking for the game state.

In the past two days, Clay has been struggling with injuries. Among them, only Clay is clear. I didn’t leave for more than 20 minutes after the game with the Trail. I saw he had been sitting in the troops, and took his head with a towel, it seems that the mood is very excited.

In order to let Clay find the game as soon as possible, Cole offs him to the Development Alliance Team Santa Cruz Warrior. In the Development Alliance, Clay participated in the training of the team. Through the training video that Santa Cruz Warriors pushed, we can find that Claie is in the early way to stop shooting, breakthrough, defensive, etc., his three-https://www.maillotbasket6.com pointers are still hot.

Santa Cruz Warrior Clad Si Si-Kuper received a media interview, and affirmed the status of Clay.

Cooper said: “He opened today’s training with a buckle. He has fully recovered our training. The next thing to do is to let him go out to find the game. He did, He seems to be very good. “

“Whenever you have an NBA history of 75 big players in your team, this is a pleasure. In yesterday’s competition, Klai Pan 18 shots all hits, his state is back. We try to simulate the NBA competition environment, Clay is really energy. Even after 900 days, he still looks still the best player in the alley. “

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