Wang Yuan frightened the sports fans in MLB, and the little dumplings said to learn baseball.

On September 29th, Beijing time, the singer Wang Yuan appeared in the New York MLB Grand League, which brought the game on the game of Marslin, became the first Chinese mainland artist who landed in the United States.

The game started on time at 7:10, and the live broadcast was shocked by the small dumplings, drowning in the world of the dumplings, and even fans have begun to prepare for the study baseball.

Wang Yuan, this teenager, the scorpion seems to have a star flashing; the thin lips are like cherry blossoms; the voice is cool, and there is his own unique charm between the eyebrows; the body is high and jade trees.

He is more versatile, Xiaosheng, Shanliang, IQ EQ, he has won the United Nations, has made public welfare, and it has a MLB on-site.

He is the pride of Xiao Tangyuan (the title of Wang Yuan Fan)!

In July last year, Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, Yi Wei Qian Qi, Xue Zhiqian, Li Xiaoyu starring the youth inspirational drama “our boy era” broadcast. The show tells a group of students who love baseball, in the bodcast-fighting story, constantly, to their

Before the TV series turned on, the crew invited a professional performance teacher to make TFBOYS for half a year performance training. In the drama, TfBoys played the baseball team’s decent players, and the baseball competition was also the heaviest drama in this drama, so TFBOYS and other actors participated in the border training for half a year. It is this shooting study, but also let Wang Yuan have a deep feelings on the baseball movement, resulting in an idea of ??entering the professional baseball league.

Until today, Wang Yuan kicks in the MLB on site, and it is also an official and professional baseball. The idol walks, the fans are chasing, the future small dumps are really struggling to learn the baseball?

Keep God’s synchronization and a attitude of chasing stars.

In the winter of last year, “Global Human” magazine announced a news, will open a exclusive column in the magazine called “Wang Yuan said”, and officially showed that Wuli Source Brother will become a “Global Man” columnist, let us be lucky Every month in this subsequent, I saw the article written by the source.

However, since there is a love bean, the fans are naturally unknown. So the little soup is based on “Wang Yuan said” this topic name “Tang Yuan said”, in which fans also do their utmost to use a lot of gold sentences that have been said, and imitate the source brother. Writing features, say a series of or interesting or touching.

Source brother has long been very thin, sometimes fans will worry about his physical problems, so he has already asked in an interview. “If I am awakened to my fat 20 pounds,” Question, the answer that the source brother is: That’s very happy. However, when the small dumplings are facing this problem, the answer will become: Better, rebound to Wang Yuan. The little dumplings may be dark after the heart: I finally let you taste the taste of the downs like a small dumplings (smile CRY)!

Source brother was still asked when I was interviewed another question: What is the happiest thing? Source brother said that when the mother gave him money, but in the small dumplings, the happiest thing turned “I gave me my son.” It should be the M mother of Wuli Yuan. Powder, everyone is really very hurting this “son”, often in minutes to open the cloud nourishment mode.

Originally just a sports message, but because of the existence of Wang Yuan, it was taken up by Xiaojun Yuan!

In fact, the wish of the little soup is never seeing to see the source brother. Everyone wants to get along with Yuan Ge as a friend or a family, there is no much pressure, common progress and growth. In fact, this is the meaning of chasing the star to pursue …

(Winter Wheat)

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