US media suggests that the Lakers chase 26 years old! Use two times to change him: can prevent multiple positions to decompression three giants

Beijing time November 27, well-known American Medical Bleacher Report (B / R) pointed out that under the premise of limited chips, the Lakers can consider
a small transaction, in exchange for the Thunder’s 26-year-old front, MRC, Williams, To improve external defense. The specific solution is that the Lakers sent a round-trip to 2023 and 2025 to get Williams.

Lakers’ defensive efficiency this season is only in the 19th place in the League, and they are the team in the first round of defensive efficiency last season. Regardless of James, the eyebrows and Wei Shao make a lot of contributions at the offensive end, the Lakers are obvious in the defensive side, and they lack the side-wing defechers that have high sports ability, especially after sending Pop.

Williams is 1 meter 98, with a weight of 95 kg. Since the season, he contributes 6.6 points 3.4 rebound 1.8 assists, the basic data is not eye-catching, but his value is on the defensive end, B / R believes that he is a perfect trading goal of the Lakers, can defend multiple locations, three giants Press. High-order data shows that Williams is present, and the Thunder is less than 8.5 points, such defensive performance exceeds 84% ??of the league.

Although the three-pointers of Williams, Williams’ three-pointers were only in 38, but his three-pointer-in-one rate was as high as 44.4% (117 voted 52), and he has the ability to kick out space. At the age of 26, he was playing in the year of the Lakers, is expected to become one of the best defenders in the Lakers.

Considering that the Thunder is still collecting draft, the US media suggests that the Lakers can use two roundabouts and small Causso trading special examples to get Williams. Williams This season is only $ 2 million, and next season is also $ 2 million, it is a high
cost-effective transaction option.

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