Trading Rosen uses a championship to check the olive diverse star? The new hands of the red ramp said yet yet

With the 2019 NFL dramation entered the countdown, Arizona’s flush will use the top the top the top the top of the champion. The team’s rookie is the main teaching Clev-Kinsibury still refuses to express this, and insists that “everything is possible.”

One sentence is in front, last year’s MLB first round show, Oklahoma University last season quartz, Haysman award winner, olor olived stream … Keller, who has this string, is considered Seamless to the offensive system of Guansbury, Jinsuri has also praised Murray when he was in NCAA in October last year.

At the same time, there is still the first round show last year, two months ago, is still considered the team’s future cornerstone four-point-Rosen.

So after a month, will the red bird who will use the champion in his hand? Continue to trust Rosen? Pick Murray? Or do you do some transactions?

When the NFL official website reporter asked the red tones, it was possible to win a quarter-saving in the first round. When I did four-point guard, I liked the long pass, said he did not conclusion: “I think everything is On the countertop, you have a chamfer, you have to consider all factors, engage in the circumstances, this is what we are doing. “

Although people think that he will pay a particularly support, Kingsbury will seriously emphasize anything. Regardless of the final result, it must be determined by the most basic method: “We don’t (decide who use the champion signing, there are still many work to do.” You know, the coaching team is in business trip, scout In the business trip, go to the individual show, go to the university show, until next week we will try to fill the blackboard, then start thinking from there. “

For Kingsbury, he lacks experience as a coach, so he also has a lot of things to learn. He is the first time to sign a free player. He also frankward to the reporter This is his personal current learning process. The team has a lot of qualifications, such as the newly signed crow, the old line Weitrer-Sags, running guard David Johnson, defended Patrick Peterson, and may be the greatest team’s greatest Players Larry Fitzgelad, how to cooperate with them is a non-small topic.

However, the weight is still the two difficulties of Rosen Murray. For this Jinsuri: “Yes, you will put the attention on the things you want to control, Joh knows that our feelings, he is a great genius, so we are very excited about his future. “

However, in the future of Rosen, it is not in Arizon, Jinsury tells the reporter, the quadrant knew that NFL’s operation rules: “Yes, I am discussed with Jos, he is a clear this is a Business, the champion has a result, and there will be results in everything. “

Therefore, we can only say that Rosen does not necessarily be the quarter of the squad next season, Jinsury has not attracted his candidates: “Well, I think, I really thought about it. I mean, You have a chamfer, any situation may happen, you all understand. But you have to know that Rosen is a talented player, we have a very high evaluation of him, this never changed. “

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