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Seeing more than half the offseason, NFL has not yet determined this year’s “tough training camp,” the final shooting team. The documentary created by this HBO and NFL has an infinite vitality. In August every year, I will meet you on time and give us a NFL team behind the scenes with five or six hours.

“Tough guy training camp” has strict selection criteria: 1. The first year of taking office the new head coach, two in the playoffs two seasons scored three in the past 10 years, shot a “tough guy training camp,” as long as this. one of the three conditions, then the team would not have taken this program. Three simple rules, in fact, have put the vast majority of teams in the league are eliminated, in fact, only five teams have a shot this year Eligibility: San Francisco 49, New York Giants, Oakland Raiders, Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins.

We can now five candidates from the team and then exclude one option – San Francisco 49ers. According to NBC Sports special correspondent Matt San Francisco – Mai Aoke said that 49 teams will not appear in the tough training camp this season, the coach Kyle – Shanahan and general manager John – Lynch had previously said they this very exclusive program, as Mai Aoke noted, NFL team has not been forced against their will to shoot “tough training camp.”

In view of the Oakland Raiders last season is about to usher moved to Las Vegas before, many people feel that the Raiders will be a new season of “tough training camp,” the choice to enter before the start of 2019. With the introduction of the team Antonio – Brown and von Taz – Boffin Specter, who, more people think they will board HBO this summer. But team owner Mark – Davis does not want outsiders to be able to explore such a close team. “Not this year,” Davis said in an interview. “Not the right time.”

Raiders head coach Joe – Gruden is lobbying to shoot a lion “tough training camp,” because he felt Matt – Patricia bearded particularly suitable appear on television, but also more interesting is Patricia had lobbied Gruden, I hope he do not shirk, they mean little mutual pit. Davis jokingly said that if the Raiders have to participate in this show, he has been told he will coach Gruden first fried and then the latter to re-sign the latter back.

As for the Giants and Redskins, the Giants actually quite a topic of conversation, but if the director does not want “tough training camp” to refresh the lowest ratings of the case, even if the Redskins. Overall, the remaining four teams in the most suitable Raiders, Gruden is itself a topic, just past the NBA draft and won three first-round picks, plus Antonio – Brown, must be very interesting .

In general, the alliance will determine the “tough guy training camp” in the shooting team in April or May, so the new tough guy shooting team training camp is about to confirm. Some feared team in the spotlight can not let the players concentrate on preparing for the new season, but do not worry, the league always a way.

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