Three small resources are spelling sports circles! After Li Lianjie Cheng Long, Wang Yuan stands on the MLB kicking area.

Written / Wang Yiwei to Lin Li

Editor / Shou Tianfeng

Beijing time on September 29th, China Youth Singer, Wangyuan appeared in MLB New York, VS Miami Marki game, and kicking the game for the game, became the first Chinese artist in MLB. In recent years, entertainment stars have entered the sports circle, repeatedly appeared in the international competition, TFBOYS three members are more successful in sports circles.


Three teenage spelling resources to spell

On September 29th, Beijing time, the attention of Wan Yuan, Wang Yuan station, a free thistle point for most New York City. As the first Chinese mainland artist who participated in the kick in MLB, he is 18 years old in November, and a blog of Wangyuan is struggling to take the baseball in his hand. aldult.

Wang Yuan kicks the MLB event

Wang Yuan kicks the MLB event

As a member of Youth Combination TfBoys, since 2013, Wu Junkai, Wu Yuan and the other two members, Wang Junkai, Yi Wei, has been preparing to pay attention to fans, popularity, “mother powder” “Sister Powder” It is all over the country.

Last year, the combination announced the opening of their own studios. The three times have more time to develop, and everyone’s resources are also open, from the participation of movie and TV dramas, send a single to participate in real people, and various magazines Cover and endorsement. When the previous meeting, the three people took the baseball theme TV series “ our juvenile era”, and now the three people have developed, and resources have also spelled the sports circle.

“Our Youth Times” stills

Before the cooperation with MLB, Wang Yuan, who loves sports in life is already the ambassador of Beijing Ice and Snow Movement Promotion Promotion and Promotion Promotion Promotion Promotion Promotion, Top 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Mission, skiing with Norwegian Olympic champion Kari Traa; last year China, Yizhen The Qianlu “airborne” female single finals, chasing the game, and participated in the eight-minute performance of Hangzhou, Jakarta Asian Games this year. Wang Yuan and Yizhen have become a sport fashion brand FILA and Adidas neo spokesperson, and the NIKE with the entertainment star cooperation is quite cautious, and it has two times in Weibo and Wang Junkai.

The three teenagers in the sports circle are also a lot, often interact with our Olympic champions. Diving Olympic Champion Ren Yi is an Yi Qianru’s fascia. During the New Badace swimming World Championship last year, Ren Yan also specially grabbed a photo of the pool, Yi Yi Qian Lu Comment on this Weibo, also for our champion, cheering, # 任 茜 最 烊 烊 烊 玺 # 任 博 度 登 上 热 搜, topics more than 2 million; this year Jakarta Asian Games, Wang Junkai is also badminton Athlete Huang Yaqi played Call.

MLB will be suspected of suspecting the popularity of Wangyuan’s popularity

At 10 o’clock in the morning of the 27th, Wang Yuan has appeared in JFK airport in New York. At this time, Wang Yuan’s fans have already arrived at the hall. The scene surrounded by many fans also allows many American passengers to stand on. Looking at the fans holding the lamp “Roy Wang (Wang Yuan’s English name)”, many passengers are asking: “Who is ROY WAN?”

This is not only the confusion of the ordinary people, but also makes MLBs.

In China, the baseball has been considered to be a “small” movement. Everyone is the most profound memory of baseball seems to stay in Japanese anime “baseball Hyper”. In fact, this ball with only 7.2 cm in diameter is already the most hot exercise in the ocean. According to the 2016 “Forbes Professional Sports Union”, MLB breaks the income record in the 14th season of $ 9.5 billion,
and the second place in the Global Sports Event League is second only to NFL. In contrast, the NBA well known Chinese fans ranked fourth with $ 48 billion. MLB has always been “a name” event, it is the symbol of the identity. Before Wang Yuan, only Li Lianjie and Chenglong have standing the same position.

Wang Yuan and a mascot

Wang Yuan and a mascot

“MLB is not difficult to find a celebrity in the United States, but they don’t understand the Chinese market and the situation.” Wang Qingran, the head of the Chinese market, from the proposing hope that Wang Yuan will kick up to the ultimate country, and spend more than half a year before and later As the official partner of MLB, the former became the most important promoter of this Wangyuan US.

It turned out that MLB was originally only invited Wang Yuan to go to the MLB home gala. After presenting the idea of ??his kick, MLB opened to Wang Yuan’s popularity, no GET to Wang Yuan in China. In order to prove the popularity and popularity of Wang Yuan to MLB, the brand provides MLB to MLB (the day of the dead, the number of Wang Yuan microblogging is 59.31 million), and the New York Metropolitan will push the news of the official Xuanwangyuan. This tweet transfer amount is 2-3 times the forward team news forwarding. In addition to the number of fans, MLB also particularly looks at the identity of China ‘s Youth as China Youth Representative in the United Nations Youth Education Messenger. In addition, in 2017, he mounts the US “Weekly Review” 2017 most influential teenager 30 “” “Also became the important factor in MLB decided by it.

Positive energy sports circle into artists to see resources

In the past two https://www.fanartikelsportde.comyears, entertainment star frequently and sports cross-borders, before the two consecutive years of the Law Network China promotion ambassador, Wu Yifan not only serves as NFL Super Bowl promotion ambassadors, but also participates in the NBA All-Star Tournament. Last year, Yunqi Qianzhu appeared in the Supreme Site finals, challenge the players. As a red artist, this challenge, Easy-Qianrui and the parties have not been taken, including routine makeup costs are borne by him.

“Choose to cooperate with us and MLB, in addition to the weekday habits wear our hats, because Wang Yuan has the intention of international development, and the resources of sports are very positive.” Just month, “Extreme Index 4” crew has just announced Wang Yuan’s joining, he will appear from the international superstar fan. Diesel, and in Wang Qing’s view, sports is now popular in promotion resources, this momentum will become more and more obvious.

Many sports brands also see the popularity of entertainment and “belt” capability for cross-border cooperation. Through this MLB kicking interaction, Wang Yuan also became the first artist who made Newera in the Mainland. In the past, Wang Yuan said in Fila, the brand official Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan is more than 8 million, and this newera Chinese official Xuanwangyuan will Weibo towards MLB to transfer more than 50,000 in 10 minutes. When it is published, the transfer amount of this top Weibo has reached 120,000. At the beginning of this month, the brand and Wang Yuan jointly designed 1108 top hat national nine city designated stores, the sale of the sale of the store, there is no row of the leader, after the sale, the moment is grabbed. On the day of the Guangzhou store, the “Mangosteen” approached on the typhoon, still can’t stop the enthusiasm of the fans queued. It is understood that the future will cooperate more inward cooperation in the future.

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