Three losses and ram frequently shot star angle Wi-Peters Get Baltimore

October 16 (Wen / Lindsey Thiry Compilation / White) On October 16, Beijing time, the Los Angeles ram, which encounters three losses, made a big move. The male goal is first traded to the Baltimore Clarus Peters Peters Peters Peters, and the lack of Kenny Yang (Kenny Young) and an unprecedented 2020 election show; then they sent another The five-way trading came to the inner offensive front line player Austin Corbett.

After a few hours, the male goal was shocked, sent 2020 first round signs, 2021 first round signed and four-wheel signs, from Jacksonville American Tiger trading to star angle Wijun-Ramse (jalen ramsey) . With regard to Ramse’s trading news, there is a more detailed report, let’s first understand the transactions of Peters, Kenny Yang and Cobert.

Peters entered the contract year, which is the last season of the five-year rookie contract. Before the start of the 2018 season, the male and Kansas City chief received this first round show in the 2018 season’s transaction, 22 regular season, Peters left a 5th copy and 2 copies Attacking Data, he has selected a career bowl at the 2015 season and 2016.

On the day before the transaction, the male collected another main corner Achib-Talib (AQIB Talib) was placed in the injury savings list. Interestingly, this season Peters also has the opportunity to fight the squad at the 12th week, and that week, the night of the monday is the home of the raft.

There is no doubt that the crow needs to hurry to adjust his defensive back, the main corner of the GMG-Smith (Gimmy Smith) Because the knee injury has missed the past five games, and the five-fifth of Wei Tumu-Yang (TAVON Young) Encounter neck injury, reimbursement of the season.

Two corners of the crow, Maurice Canady and Anthony-Averett, a few first appearances, the four-point guard against their defensive areas, because of avoiding The other side of the professional bowl angle Wei Mallon Humphrey defensive.

Kenny Yang was the weak side of the crow team at the beginning of the season, but because too much in the anti-running, there was a mistake, and the position of the position was lost. The second grade player from the University of California Los Angeles was the first six games for the crow, completed 66 hugs, 2.5 times, causing twice to drop the ball and grab the ball.

The reason why the crow sent a five-way sign because they will replace the player Karewi-Witvik trades to Minnesota Vijing, and won a five-way sign.

The coach of the Ram, McDo, has always expressed his hope to reinforce the team’s offensive line, just soon the transaction of Peters soon, they announced that the Brown team traded to get offensive front line players Austin Torbert. Tolbert is the second round show in Brown 2018, and has already played 14 games for the team.

In the sixth week, lost to the 49 people in San Francisco, the ram left striker Joe-Notham encountered the double tear of the former cross ligament and the inner parallel ligament, which will receive the surgical season reimbursement. Tolbert came to the ram and will compete for the game with the second year of six-round Show Jiemei Dembby.

Although the rave is still in the top ten of the league this season, the defense has a largermost retreat over the last year, and the aversion is lost in 25.7 Ranking Alliance No. 24. Through the transaction, today’s ravers have replenished the offensive front line and defensive second-line, and the crow will also consist of the terrorist defensive backfinder composed of Hanfri and Peters two stars.

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