The trading market is open! America Tiger exchanges professional bowls Wei Boye to the wild horse

March 4 (Text / ESPN Compile / Love) Although the NFL free market needs to be opened on March 18, and the personnel in the team must be there after that, but the agreement of the transaction is before It can be achieved. According to the Journal of Jackson reporters Adam Sherv, Jacksonville, Jacksonville, has agreed to transaction the corner AJ-Boye to Denver wild horses to exchange the wild horse. Save this year.

Yubel confirmed this news, he said that he has learned that he has been traded from the general manager of the America Tiger, and the general manager of the wild horse, “I am going to pick up my children, I will receive it. Kudeville’s phone, he said that he was grateful to everything I did for the team. “Boy said in an eSPN interview,” then Elvi called me, say ‘Welcome to Denver’. Now my phone is It was thrown, I just know, I would like to thank Jacksonville. “

Borey is one of the important references in the free market in 2017. They rely on strong defensive performance to the United States. 2020 Saibay will earn $ 13 million and $ 15.5 million is included in the salary space. “I am very excited, because Harris always said that the wild horses have a lot.” Boya said, “I plan to look at the video, study their tactics, I have played three games, the atmosphere and fans found They are great.”

Harris in Biekou is a star corner of the wild horses, and the trading of wild horses is also seen as hopes to seek alternatives to Harris that will be alive. I have been selected for professional bowls, but he will become an unrestricted free player during this course. Harris also very significantly went to Boya for Boya on social media.

Borer’s three-year period in the American Tiger, I contributed 8 copies and 34 times of passing, but he made the best nature was the 2017 season. He completed 6 copies and 18 times. Performance is a terrorist. He also entered a professional bowl in the age of 29 in August this year, and became the two players of the year; but in the past two seasons, he did not reproduce such excellent performance.

In 2013, Boy was signed with Texas in the identity of the player and fully utilized the team’s injury and tide of the team. In the 2016 season, in 11 games, completed 1 copy and 16 pass damage; this performance also helped him to sign a 5-year $ 67.5 million in a 5-year-old contract, including 2600 Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

With the departure of Boy, the guidelines that the defensive people sorrowful Americans will also fall into the closure that year, their passage destruction is the first, the number of transitions, the transformation, and the number of balls are all alliances. second. However, this defensive group now only Leles-Campbell, Miles-Jack, Abu Jones, and ENG Kuyer.

In last week, General Manager Yelvi said that they will give angular guards as a priority option in free players and drafts. “I think we must do better in this area, this is some part we want to be able to become strong.”

The last stage, the wild horses signed the corner of Braz Karaham in the price of 21 million in 3 years, and the angle guard received the foot fracture repair surgery in December 2018, but he conducted the first time in 2019. Secondary surgery, after this, he did not play again. However, the wild horseman Wiki Viio is optimistic: “All reports I received, including Bryce’s report, said he is ready to participate in the training camp.”

In addition to the return of Kalahan, there is also a general boye to join. .

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