The Top Ten Top Ten Bottles in the 2018 playoffs: The bears of the bear is strong and the rolls are coming

October 2 The 2018 season regular game dust settled, ten seasons have been released, respectively, the Miao’s red socks, space people, Indians, Yangji, sportswell, and the National Federation, Dodge , Warriors, Bear, Rocky. Tencent MLB Power List The judges here give fans to the top ten analysis of the seasons, with reference. Today is released by the state:

No. 1 Seed: National Championship Milwaukee Wine

Regular season record: 96-67

Regular competition ratio: 754-659

Team Attack Index: 0.747

Team Score: 3.73

Damage analysis: Although some setbacks have been encountered in this long season, after seven years, the winemanship team finally re-entered the playoffs. Malinfish because of rebuilding the three people who were sold, Christian – Jerege seems to be a little bit, but this year, his performance is far super Charton and Ocuna, and stronger pitcher is not free. He is taboo three points, and the performance of Jerege in the play also proved this. His foreign country partner Lorenzo-Kane also played outstanding, winning the victory greater than 6.9, and the team was second only to Jeregia. In addition, they also have the former KPP Ryan Braun, in October, in October, the Royal Winning Main Musakas. Because of the wilderness talents, the players like Tams, Santana and Brockston are likely to have a list of games. However, the team round value of Jorris-Xie Xin led, although the primary data is not bad, but through the surface, the true level of the entire first-firing group is not enough in the playoffs. So maybe in the playoffs, winemakers will take advantage of the fifth low cowshed of the full-league blame, such as the use of cowshed daily tactics, which will test the young coach Craig-Conser’s wisdom. .

Pitcher rating: ★★★

Wat rating: ★★★★ ☆

No. 2 seed: National Association, Champion Los Angeles Daoqi

Regular season record: 92-71

Regular performance ratio: 804-610

Team Attack Index: 0.774

Team Score Rate: 3.40

Battle Analysis: Dodge this year can be described as a wave of three fold, the opening season is considered a big popular door, but in the early post, the record is sluggish, and even the weak brigade is swept on his home. After a period of adjustment, Dodge has to catch up with a leader in August, and the final sprint stage is also a volley in the final sprint stage. After the Western Game Season reimburse, the team trading comes to Marathon, and the book is viewed instead. In addition to the main line of Turner, Camp, Beilinjie, Puig, and the opponent must play the spirit of the twelve points. The ace pitcher gram is because the ball fell, the results have recession, but he has been “the strongest surface”, and there is still a crimhetic pressure. This year, Liu Xianzhen is also a very trustworthy general, self-discipline The rate is as low as 1.97, and the best level is in your career. Two temporary firefighting new people inherm-hands Mangxi and pitcher Walker-Bille are the team’s extraordinary surprise this year, the winning contribution is up to 7.1, showing the potential of picking up the beam. The biggest concern of the team is that the super ender Jane is not only declined, but also has a problem of arrhythmia; Pedro Bayz is not spiritual, I don’t know if I can take a heavy responsibility; and from the wheel value The guardian of the head of the head is poor in the cowshed, and these hidden dangers are probably the Timed bomb in the playoffs.

Pitcher rating: ★★★ ☆

WARS 评 评: ★★★★

No. 3 seed: National Liandong District Champion Atlanta Warrior

Regular competition: 90-72

Regular competition ratio: 759-657

Team Attack Index: 0.742

Team Score: 3.75

Damage Analysis: Warriors can go to the partition champion, a few newcomers, state stable and / or strong rebounded old will, and the general manager of the team, the pitcher introduced by the team’s high-end transaction. No. When the opponent of the other two partitions of the country, the Warriors have already launched the mountain to look at the mountain. As the third seed lost partitioning the main field advantage may be a good thing for them, after all, the team is slightly stronger than the homeland this season. The first third of the team is below 3, which is the proud advantage of the team, but the four first selection will remain in the event, Newcomm, Torsente, Dehu Lan or even Fried is a potential candidate. In terms of work, the Bymeth is Friendman and Super Rookie Akunia, Albis ranks the top three in the team, but other main bearers are also qualified, but according to the seasons Standard is not highlighted. Overall Warriors in October, it is more obvious, after all, the level of hard work is insufficient, this season has a lot of more than half of the team, and hit the other four season games in the country. One can be recorded, and the judges cannot be optimistic under such data.

Pitcher rating: ★★★ ☆

Way rating: ★★★ ☆

3 card: National Sino-Zone Second Chikang Bear

Regular season record: 95-68

Regular competition ratio: 761-645

Team Attack Index: 0.744

Team Score: 3.65

Battle Analysis: The Chicago Bear, who is missing the zone champion thrown, will face the challenge of Rocky in the outer card, and the bear will send Lester to the outer card. Due to the first farten of the tourmate in the season, the team trading came the prostate of the game, the team traded, the leader of the prostate soldier, Hammer, who came to the team, provoke the girders, 76.1 bureau Punching self-blade ratio 2.36, if the 2008 World Competition MVP will make a bears, the 2008 World Contest will make a pioneering wheel value with Leicester, Hendricks and Jinshenna. However, the Terminator of the Countertow, Brandon Morrin, reimbursed season, so that the cowshed of the bear is slightly tasty in the strength of the playoffs. In terms of whaleling, Bai Zez, a full-scale Bayz, played the performance of the MVP level, and in 2016, the Shuvabo, the Shuvabo, which was injured, and from the national trading, once in 2015 The two bases of the colors can be said that now the bear walked compared to the 2016 winning lineup. With this outbreak of stronger strokes, the stable first and home advantages, the bear is expected to be surrounded by the outer casino, they are still being a hot top of the National United champion.

Pitcher rating: ★★★★

WARS 评 评: ★★★★

M2 card: National Lani West District Second Coloradoky

Routine race record: 91-72

Regular competition ratio: 780-745

Team Attack Index: 0.758

Team Score Rate: 4.36

Battle Analysis: Unfortunately, Rocky did not win in the 163rd game of regular sessions, missed the team’s first partition champion since the 1993 construction team. The Basic season is generally in general, and the first place in the partition is 8 winners, but the team has been in the future, and it is away from the partition champion. It is worth noting that the two second-grade first firing Herman – Marquis and Kyle Virlands have played the gods, and the victory contribution of the two is in the country. 7. The number of multi-nomatic numbers in Marques is higher than that of the country. Rocky will also send Kyle Flander first in the outer card of the bear. In terms of work, when the star Norlan – Arrecain decreased in the overall strike state this year, coupled with the team attack point scattered, the number of points in the fourth year reached 130 points, but still sent the MVP level data. The guerrillas of the new show wall last season broke out completely, and sent 37 score of 108 points. He will be the key to the Luoyi’s external card. However, the luxury cowshed in the Rocky snippet is not stable in this season. It is once fried seven or eight eight. Although there is improved in the end of the season, the outer card battle of the bear is still arduous for them.

Pitcher rating: ★★★ ☆

WARS 评 评: ★★★★

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