The Senator, the Senator of the Florida, the legend of Rosenby: He is the best dolphin after Marino

Although the quarter-Swan Roson was traded by Arizona’s passion in the Dai Sang’s red number by Arizona, he traded in the Miami Sea Dolphin, but he was confident in his own career. At the same time, there are many supporters to express the future of Rosen in the Dolphus team, including the Senator Mark Rubio, Florida. The Senator appreciated Rosen, even moving out the legend of the seafood team to compare.

Rubleio told TMZ Sports reporters that Runson is the most talented quarter-free dolf dolphine in the past 20 years. “Since the Dan Dan – Marino, he is the most talented passenger of the dolphine.” Rubio said.

Dan Marino, this name is sufficient to shock the Alliance in the 80-90s. From 1983 to 1999, Dan Marino was selected for professional bowls, 3 times selected the first line of the annual alliance; regular season MVP, best annual offensive players, best new show, Dongshan reward, and even Walter Pedon Award, Marino will be able to get a personal award almost taken it. Career 8358 passes, 4,967 passed the game, 61361 yards pass the number of passes of his career, the data written by his career; although these records have been broken, there is no doubt that Marino is a legendary level. Quadruple.

Therefore, Rubio used Marino to praise Loson, which is undoubtedly a huge award from Rosen. But Rubio is not a brain-free, when it comes to the operation of the dolphine team pays two-way trading Rosen, he thinks this is a win-win trade. For Runsen, he got the opportunity and the stage; for the Dolphin Team, Rosen is still in a rookie contract, so they don’t have to worry about the problem of salary, this transaction is almost no risk. “If Rosen can succeed in the Dolphin team, then it is better; if he fails, the team will recruit new people again.” Rubio said.

For Runson, his career starting stage is bleak. The success rate of the twinch season passed only 55%, 11 times of passing to the battle, but sent a 14th copy; the old Dong family has not given him a chance, decisive will send him away. As Rubio said, the dolphine team is currently in the reconstruction period, and the test period left to Rosen will not be too long. If you can’t get a score in two or three years, the team’s big probability will not renew him. Is it a loss, or a fire rebirth, Russen needs to prove that he is in Miami as soon as possible.

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