The sage mode has been opened? NFL front MVP abstinence

The Carolina Blagolds quartz Weame Buffton has experienced a bad season in the past year. He insisted on participating in the competition. However, in the case of the team’s opening situation, a wave of losses will make the ball. Teams have not been in the game. In January this year, he accepted shoulder surgery and is currently in a positive recovery stage. However, Newton does not want to do nothing during the recovery. On the contrary, he hopes to give yourself a different challenge and will make yourself stronger. When participating in the show show, Newton said that he has been banned from March, and this challenge will insist on the end of March.

Newton talked about this in the show show “Late Late Show” on Thursday night, he said to the host James Kodon and the same guest David – Polynaz said he hopes to give up in the entire March Life, which makes everyone stunned at the scene. Poland responded to Poland: “You should choose to do this in February, because only 28 days in February.”

“I hope it is more challenging,” Newton replied, “I just finished the shoulder surgery, except for the abstinence, I haven’t used WiFi, which is the challenge in March.” Newton later explained his One act, the ban on him is not his life. He started a different challenge project from January: he did not bet on anything in January; he eaten all moon in February. Now in March, he chose to ban this more challenging thing. “I hope this is a challenge that an adult can complete, I have done it now.” Newton said.

As for the reasons, Newton said: “These challenges make my heart more powerful. When the new season arrives, if I do these things, my spirit will be more powerful.” It seems that Newton has not stopped, maybe always By September, he will add challenges to yourself.

Forbidden gambling, eating ran, abstinence … It seems that Newton does decide the determination to change. Since the 2015 season’s most valuable player, Newton and the Black Panther team can no longer copy the brilliance of the season; the team made some adjustments, including re-creating the battle, supporting young running 麦卡弗Lei is the upper, and the ball capacity has made great adjustments. However, the team still did not see the color, and the play of Newton’s playing style and the status of the game were more ill, even if his pass is completed last season (320 times) and the success rate (67.5%) created a profession. Career is high, but many fans are still because the team is highly open, and the individual performance of Newton does not buy.

I hope to see a new Newton in September. This is the most underestimated quadrant in the last season. If it is well resumed, there is still an opportunity to show your strength. It is not far from the end of March, which is a good news for Newton and his girlfriend.

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