The results released Dodge Dodge astronaut conflict penalty suspended for two astronauts only be fined

July 30 News (text / Alden Gonzalez compile / Genghao Yang) yesterday Dodgers and Astros game, the first time the two teams appeared in the case, “emptied the bench,” the league this season. Just this, the Union government has also made the punishment for both accident, Dodge coach Roberts was suspended for one game, the bullpen pitcher Kelly was suspended for eight games, the Astros coach Baker was fined, but did not disclose the specific amount.

Yesterday’s race to the sixth inning, Dodgers sent Kelly faces the center wire rod Astros second start of the game, Kelly frequently for Bregman and Correa throw the ball close, which caused numerous astronauts the dissatisfaction. Correa and Kelly after the battle chatter also debate the situation eventually evolved to empty the bench.

It is reported that Kelly will open the eight-game suspension appeal, while waiting for re-judgment will not affect his play, coach Roberts ban will be implemented immediately, the team bench coach Green today the interim coach duties. In the 60 games of the season, suspended for eight games from a direct ban Kelly 13% of the game, this is Kelly Dodge and can not accept, after all, Kelly is important that they spend lots of money to sign players, or else will not let him in in the face of competition astronaut center of the wire.

Kelly believes the punishment is too heavy is not without basis, because this is not the first time in the game DPRK opponents deliberately throw the ball as early as 2018. He also played for the Red Sox period, he has been based players Xiangyang Taylor – Osteen him throw the ball a record, the two final fight, Kelly was sentenced to six games was only suspended, coincidentally also because of that conflict “steal signal.”

After the press conference, Kelly denied that he was deliberate, he said that his point is so poor. But in the duel and Bregman middle and lower bad zero good situation, Kelly 96mph speed ball still ran Bregman’s head, the fight against Guliaier seats, the four interior angles even soared high ball. In the showdown with Correa is also up two consecutive wait close curve ball, hard not to think he is intentional.

According to Baker, it said Astros manager, Kelly after strikeouts Correa also doing all it can mockery of Correa, said Correa, you have to play the ball really good! Kelly assumed before two quick ball is intentionally thrown at the ball so that the two cases could strikeouts Correa, he was so excited not difficult to understand.

Astros starting pitcher McCullers think there is no doubt Kelly was deliberate, he can not understand why three bad a zero is good major https://www.fanbutikk.comleague pitcher can throw the ball so outrageous speed. McCullers also said that the controversial 2017 season, Kelly was not even in the Dodgers, he was strong in his early behavior a bit far-fetched. He also believes Kelly ridicule Correa’s behavior is very professional, we are all just want to win, to do something other than baseball is not necessary.

Astronaut suspicion is not groundless, after the beginning of the survey results came out, Dodge team have a lot of voices condemning the Astros in 2017 of cheating, including the pitcher Streep forest. He had said in spring training, if given the chance, he might hit the Astros players in the game. Although Kelly was not in the Dodge, but he was also where the Red Sox lost to the Astros in the playoffs that year, so Kelly is also a victim. But he has revenge on the pitch, the 2018 American League Championship Series, the Red Sox beat the Astros and winning that year’s World Series.

Dodge coach Roberts said the penalty against him is based on the alliance did not live to see those players, so that they all ran up the court, in violation of the provisions of social distancing. Roberts also promised he would remind his players before the game in today’s compliance, but he also believes that the role of the League of Dodge punishment by the ease tensions.

‘Distance’ cypher door ‘results have been punished for seven months, during which the players may have some grievances, “Roberts said in an interview,” was sent to us is certainly not a good result, but from a different angle to consider, and now no one was hurt, resentment has also been eased, baseball continues, this would be a good result. “

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