The record is too bad, cowboy is straight, and I want to change: I will rebuild me.

“The Team” Dallas Cowboys have not participated in the super bowl for 22 years. For a proud team, this is a dark era. However, the denim has the highest popularity in the United States, even if the record is not good, fans are still very concerned. On Monday night, the scene is not very ugly. The scene is extremely ugly. The team’s record is 3-5, which can be determined that the cowboy wants to enter the playofty. In the next 8 weeks, the main coach Jason-Garley The special work is also in jeopardy.

If the front denim legend has the right to change the team, then it is not only a single plus roll away, and the denim is very likely to usher in a large-scale shuffle. After reading the cowboy game this week, Akman expressed dissatisfaction with the current situation of Dallas football prior to the TV.

“Look at this list, our team is constant for a long time. Who is the head of the coach is not very important, but if you ask what I should do, I think I will thoroughly carry it up and down on the club. Reform. “These changes may include Jerry Jones, the boss and general manager, and he is a common visit to the coach. Akman said that after the last time I get the Lombardi Cup, like Chen – Gaili, Dave-Canbo, Belarie – Pasil, Wade Phillips, including Jason-Galt, The coaches have not led the team to play the national contest, but also said that the super bowl.

Jerry Jones has been a general manager since 1989, but because of its specialty, it is not a general manager in the traditional sense. In terms of personnel changes, he mainly rely on the Executive Vice President Stephen Jones, Players Vice President of Personnel Vice President Will McRe, and the head coach Gret. “I listened to Jieli, okay, listening, if it is me, I will change, but now it has always been in the same, there is no change.” Akman said: “For me, the coach is very Important, including all personnel posts are important, but how do you assess the current management situation? “

“No matter what the cowboy is going to make, everyone has a view of it, but it is a pity that I am not in the management. I have learned about the club’s specific situation, so there is also a general The framework has a deviation in many ways. If this team wants to maintain competitiveness, just like the other teams who maintain combat power annually, they must make changes. “

Akman may have an urgent hope that the team has changed. This matter is not going to slow, but after the team 14-28 is lost to Titan, in Jerry Jones, it will not replace the main coach in the middle of the season. It is worth noting that since Jones became the owner of the Cowboy, he had only done the practice of the mid-season of the mid-season. After 1-7 records in 2010, Jones fell off Phillips, Grett.

“I only focus on making our team to play better games,” Galt said, plus 3-5 this season, his career record is 70-58, “We will succeed from Monday. Lessons, put your eyes to Philadelphia. “

Since the last time I entered the super bowl, the record of 187 wins and 173, during this time, the record of the Deni playoffs is 3 wins and 9 losses, while the game of the playoffs is 1 win. Negative, he has been in this position for a long time, is the second long coach of cowboy, second only to Tom – Landri. In addition to saying that Dalight did not knee, Jones also said that it would give four points to Swan-Prescott, although Prescot is very bad, people think that there is no Reason to extend his contract.

Perhaps the biggest problem of Cowboy is what Ekman pointed out, the entire team needs to reshuffle. But unfortunately, when this team’s boss is Jerry Jones, he can really want to do it, so it is almost impossible to put it out for so many years. At the same time, the possibility of cowboy change the team’s way of operation is also minimal. Jones makes a lot of money, and the cowboy is still in a large market.

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