The Hall laughed at home, Simons had to return to the team because bankruptcy?

About Simmons, I thought that recently his news would be he and the team because of “psychological problems”, I didn’t expect a news today, so Simmons completely became a laughter.

Before he resolutely returned to Philadelphia to participate in the team training, but at 76 people announced that it was still behind him. But in the past few days, I have a problem with my psychological problems, and the team gave him a psychologist.

So the season, Simonus said that there is no game, even the training class has not participated, completely free to the team. If you don’t want to work, you want to take the money. If you don’t have a door, 76 people have been deducting Simmons’ salary.

Simmons now belongs to the state of no income, spend money every day, and has a problem early. According to the Philadelphia reporter HoWard Eskin, due to the huge imposition of 76 people, the lagma gold and lent consumption habits Simmons are about to be bankrupt, he may be forced to return to 76 people.

For reason, Simmons now earned hundreds of millions of dollars.
Simmons is 2016, the first contract is $ 46.6 million in 4 years, and then following the 76 people a $ 570 million contract.

But well known NBA players have much earned, and there are many taxes that need to be handed over. Simons can be cut half. If you pay attention to Simmons social media, you will find that his favorite is to dazzle all kinds of luxury cars online.

It is reported that Simmons will buy a luxury car every month, spending 40-500,000 US dollars, this is a big overhead. Simmons has two sets of real estate in Philadelphia, a set worth $ 17.5 million, and his other house is worth 8 million US dollars.

The US property tax is very expensive, the previous subprime crisis, many people send houses free of charge, is to avoid property taxes. Simmons certainly knows this, so I have long been listed to sell Philadelphia’s house, but no one has taken over.

Ironically, when he just sent wages in July this year, Simmons played a luxury house to purchase a luxury house in Hidden Dollar City, California. It is estimated that he is not preparing to return to the city, but it will go back and go back.

From extravagant, it is extravagant. I am used to Simons of the big hand, you can’t make him get a financial talent, so it is impossible after four months without payment, Simons’s cash flows.

Simmons probably becomes a walp in Houston Rockets now, and you can lying on wages without playing. Only Wall is not to let the rocket, Simmons don’t want to play, 76 people still don’t let him go.

So the news we may see in the future is Simmons to choose compromise back to the team, and the psychological problem is solved overnight.

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