The first game to open the H frustration was again reversed the negative Cubs 3-5 Dodgers won a hard victory

Beijing time on June 15, against the Chicago Cubs Los Angeles Dodgers continue at home. Dodge reversal to win the last game, the Cubs as a powerhouse of the League of Nations bound to have blitzed the home team. The first score of the game or the Cubs, but Dodge was able to reverse, by virtue of scoring the middle of the game, Dodgers fell swoop go-ahead score. Eventually, the series won the battle Dodge second victory.

[Data Highlight]

Dodge aspects, Beatty played four hits number two 2 RBIs, also by 2 points, Turner spring gun. Bear aspects, Bryant hit four three number 1 hits and an RBI, two points Rizzo gun 2 RBIs.

[Competition process]

The first Jushang Ban, Cubs second consecutive first innings score, Bryant knocked the second leg on base hits, Rizzo then blasted a two-point shot, the first 18 home run of the season to help the Cubs a 2-0 lead Dodge.

The second half of the second inning, Mountain West, first hit a base hit, then Beattie fired a season a home run, two points cannon let Dodge quickly tied the score, 2-2.

But a draw did not last more than a game, third Ju Shangban, Bryant hit the first pitch he fired Hill, 15 home run season once again let the Cubs leading 3-2; the 后康特雷拉斯He has hit base hit, but the Cubs did not play offensive series, the end of the half board.

Half of the third inning, Turner blasted gun spring, a second degree Dodge tenacious tied score, 3-3.

The second half of the fourth inning, the story was back at yesterday’s game, Dodge once again staged a reversal of good play, Beattie hit a scoring position on a base hit station, under two outs, the pitcher was actually ahead of Hill hit points, a left-field hits back to level flight teammate, 3-4.

The second half of the fifth inning, Dodgers continue to score, Wei Duge first stick hits on the base, Turner flat out fly ball, Beilin Jie and connect hitter, was a third base; this time, the Cubs starting pitcher Hendricks He was replaced early, casting their 4.1 innings was beaten six hits and lost 5 points, only 1 strikeouts and two walks. But reliever Scott still did not stop scoring, Mountain West ground ball outs, but came back to help his teammates score, 3-5.

The sixth, seventh inning, Hill can easily solve, and did not spend much pitching, only to be knocked Potter a base hit, but no loss of points.

Eighth Jushang Ban, Hill was benched this field casting their 7.0 innings was beaten seven hits, lost 3 points and a 7 strikeouts no walks. Bai
Yezi pitching debut, although the first bars of Bryant a hit, but the next three batters were all out, the Cubs last remaining semi-innings chase points.

Ninth Jushang Ban, many days did not play the Terminator Jensen closed debut, Jensen recently successful in all seven save opportunities, there is no loss of points 9.1 innings, 13 strikeouts once sent walks. Although because of errors to Hayward Beatty ran to second base, but the next two batters could not continue good luck, keep Dodge next victory.

[Two sides starting]

Chicago Cabin Team

1. Kyle Schobo left outer wilder

2. Chris Brines

3. Anthony – Rizo

4. Harvel – Bayz guerrilla

5. Wilson – Kanditreras Catcher

6. Albert – Almora center fielder

7. Jason – Hayward right fielder

8. Kyle Hendrick Pitcher

9. Addison – second baseman Russell

Los Angeles Dodge Team

1. Jock-Peterson’s left country

2. Alex – Vive Gazah

3. Justine – Turner

4. Cody – Beilinjie right wilder

5. Marcos Mangxi 2rd

6. Chris – shortstop Tyler

7. Matt – first baseman Beatty

8. Russel Martin Catcher

9. Rich-Hill pitcher

[Next prospect]

Quadruple war Dodge Cubs came third, the Cubs come Darby repair a starting pitcher this season, 2 wins and 3 losses 4.98 ERA, 98 strikeouts out. Darby repair last two games have all faced Rocky, victory or defeat has nothing to do, pitching 11.1 innings lost a total of 7 points, 6 points remorse.

This season there is no Darby repair without losing a game, the next game will be his career first start against his former team. Dodge is Walker – Bile Deng field, 7-1 3.35 ERA, Buhler had faced the Cubs on April 24, 5.2 innings without loss of points, the result was a three-point shot and knocked Bai Yezi end. Buhler pitching in June is very beautiful, Diamondbacks and Giants won respectively, 15.0 bureau sent 20 strikeouts once walked, lost only 1 point.

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