The basket is crisis, and they have exited the championship competition? What should I do next?

As the schedule continues to in-depth, Harden breakthroughs are clearly improved, and his state has gradually recovered, and it is clear that the new rules issued by the alliance have no longer restroomed in Harden, from all players from alliances. At the point of view, the number of free throws this season must be significantly less than last season, Harden and most players are the same, and there is some hands in the new rules, even if they are not foul, frustrated. Therefore, there is no longer before, and in the past few games, there are three fines above the past, so his score has begun to increase, and it is good to help Durant share the pressure of the offensive.

This is really a good news. In the case of Owen, the team faces a huge challenge, Durant high-load operation method makes him face another risk of injury, plus Griffin and Alone Derich’s age has gradually increased, so their crisis continues to stage, and the probability of winning the Net network is getting smaller and smaller. If this season cannot be accepted in the playoffs, then this team is later The competitiveness will be slid. In addition to there is not much salary space, it is also facing the problem of injuries, so their pressure will get bigger and larger.

Although Harden’s hand feels some warm, this is not enough to help the Nets have become the most competitive team of alliances. After all, the competitiveness of other teams is quite powerful, and there is a certain threat to the Net Net, though It is said that the current record is still acceptable, but it is necessary to know that the teams they face are the relatively weak opponents, but in this case they still lost a few games. It can be said that it is very unfortunately, but the schedule they face will become more difficult, so Durant and Harden are needed to help the team under small injuries.

Nets are now very headache on Owen, so they are likely to make transactions in the middle of the season. They are looking forward to replacing with Owen to a qualified internal line, so that the team’s defense is increased, but from the current Few teams are willing to trade with Nets, because most teams believe that Owen’s trading value is not high, unless Owen’s attitude will not be so hard, this is undoubted to be the most hurt for Nets, original They hope to renew Wen in advance, but Owen’s move is completely disrupted, and the epidemic is not possible to get
improved in a short time, so he will always leave the team.

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