Texas people trading market once again striking two-wheeled swappor exchange for ram star

April 10 (Text / ESPN Compilation / White) Beijing time April 10, NFL has a heavy transaction, Houston Texas people exchange the star external connections from Los Angeles ram Brandin Cooks and a 2022 round sign.

External handbrandon-Cook

External handbrandon-Cook

Texas has just traded Dandre-Hopkins in March, urgently needs to reinforce the outer junction position, and before I have signed the old Landel – Kobo, traded to run Guard David – Johnson. The 26-year-old Cook has just spent a lost season, 42 games pushed 583 yards, only two times, the lowest career. He signed a five-year fertilizer in July 2018. At present, this contract has been expired, and the salary of this season is approximately $ 16.8 million.

Since its inception, Cook has been stable and efficient, in addition to the six games in the past five seasons in the past five seasons in the past five seasons. In 2014, the Saints, New Orleans, selected Cooks in the 20th, and later traded to the patriot, and the patriot traded him to the ram. Texas is the fourth team that Cook 6 years of career.

After a year of scoring the super bowl, the ram was only achieved by 9 wins and 7-dimensional warfare. At present, there is also an external Laffer-Coop and Robert-Woods. In fact, in March, Cook has been included in the trading list. The Ranger General Manager Lles Snee talked about Cook in the season. “For him, it is also for us, you always hope that the players can complete more catching, or leave more operating space. I think Cucos is really running, and it has strong vertical strike capabilities. “

“When you have such a player, he can make a lot of opportunities in the field. His running capacity covers the outside, the inside, etc. Every player has its own set, can help other players on the field, I think this It is Brandon to do. “

Cook on the game

Cook on the game

Although Cucos is downturn last year, he should be a solid supplement to Texas people. Their attacks seem to be very comprehensive. Trading walks Hopkins, lost the team’s star, may let the Texas people take a while, but now Deten Watson has more weapons, including external hands Wil-Fuller, Kobo and Kenny Stels, as well as near-end Darren – Phils, and Run David – Johnson and Duke Johnson.

The ravese is not the first roundabout this year’s draft conference, but now they have two two-wheeled and two three rounds. Texas now has 7 election show, 5 of which are ranked 100 times. It is worth noting that the two-round sign that Texas traded is their own two-wheeled, not practical trading of Hopkins.


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