Super Bowl Ram Federation play a biggest reason for poor teammates

When reality is inconsistent with expectations, people have begun to explain the reasons for explanation. The use of Los Angeles Rana in the playoffs is the case.

The Runaway, the highest salary, has been promoted in a total of 1831 yards during the regular season. However, in the national contest and super bowls, he has a chance, just 14 shots, and his number of times in the next game is only 31 times.

Golley was suffering from knee injury during the final last stage, which led him to miss the last two games. In that time, the ram signed the running guard C. J. Anderson. In the two games, Anderson won a total of 299 yards.

When I was interviewed on Tuesday, Anderson was asked and when he joined the ram, he was seriously injured.

“He is more serious than what we think,” Anderson said. “Everyone in the queue, including himself, thinking about it.”

Anderson asked the time point. The time point is very critical – when he is signed, not the end of the season. The ram took Galley before the superb bowl and has always admined that Galley did not have an issue. Perhaps this is true, but the ram has different ideas for Galley in two games.

After three weeks of rest, Galley dedicated 16 sho of 115 yards in the partitioned final, but then the data in two games fell sharply, which guess maybe Galley’s knees Need more rest.

Golley has encountered a knee cross ligament torn in 2014, and Anderson, which is a serious injury, said that the knee seriously injured must have been facing the knee pain. He believed that Anderson undertake a lot of mushroom mission in the early season, he was the reason why his end of the season was hurt.

Galley’s knee will become a relative problem for a break. The ram must decide whether they continue to make him acknowledge that the main shock mission is still needed to limit his number of shocks during the season. The answer to this question will determine how they handle the running guard in the offset season.

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