Super bowl MVP jumps out of the contract into free players next season or iron to leave Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagle 4-point Swan Nik-Forte will continue his legendary career, but it will not be in Philadelphia. Recently, Falls has taken an important step – jump out of the eagle contract and become a free player. Although this thing seems to be unexpected in many people, it is worth noting that Frees’ choices are very decisive, becoming the freedom of Frees, which is likely to be posted on the privilege label, becoming the chips of the eagle trading. .

When the 2018 season is over, the Fort’s contract is in the following state: the Eagle must exercise the 2019 option before February 10, when Falls will receive $ 20 million in full security wages. At the same time, Falls also have the ability to refuse to make a decision for the five days before the training camp, spend $ 2 million to cancel the contract. Here, if the old Eagle chooses to perform the 2019 final contract option for Falls 20 million, then Form can spend money.

According to ESPN, the Eagle told Falls on Tuesday that the team will implement the 2019 season option in the contract. Subsequently, Falls could not yet flexibly inform the eagle, and he will pay $ 2 million to jump out of the contract and become a free player. However, Falls is not absolutely free, and the eagle can give him a privileged label, and then try to trade him, the deadline is March 5, and the eagle has a decision a month.

In fact, the eagle is really planning to do so, and it is determined to put the Fort of Fort to the special authority to exchange the chips. If the eagle really playing this kind of abacus, there must be a team that the team has already exposed to the hungry of Falls. Otherwise, it is better to get a three to four rounds of compensation and drafts. If Falls have been posted on privilege, the price of the 2019 season will reach around $ 25 million.

In the 2017 season, Falls took over the team after the victims of Kanson – Wenz injured, the playoffs all the way to all the roads, and finally defeated the new England Patriots to “in the 52nd super bowl,” I also got the super bowl MVP . In the 2018 season, the 30-year-old Falls were once again ended in the regular season, replaced the injured Wenz. After he came out, the eagle took the last outer card ticket with the three consecutive victories and fortunately. The Round of the Rottery was defeated by Chicago.

Regardless, join the freedom to join and have been traded, it seems that Falls 2019 iron will leave Philadelphia. In the outside guess, his own family is very likely to be Jacksonville American Tiger, Denver Woman or Cincinnati Tiger. Of course, all this is just a guess, and the most likely to be a Jagu. The American tiger needs a quadruple to replace the worse Brettz, and more than the young people, the American tiger obviously prefer to have the power of the war. The new offensive group coach John Difli Board is the four-point guards of Falls last year, and he probably knows how to build a suitable offensive system around Falls.

As the 2018 season came to an end, the 2019 season has been never knowing to us, the long break, Work will set off how the hurricane in the market, please continue to pay attention to NFL.

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