Super bowl midfielder show magic red song fans hot hot female Rapper or help guests

NFL new season is in full swing, this year’s overeating news about the superb bowl, the main show is earlier than in previous years. According to American media reports, the famous rock band Magic Red (Maroon 5) has been invited, will be on the 2019 Super Bowl of Middle Field, and serve as a guest.

This decision attracted some netizens, many people said they love Maroon 5, but as one of the Hip Hop resorts, the official is not arranged to arrange the hip hop singer as performance guests.

Atlanta, American Black Hip-Hop street trend and hip hop culture origin, the black population here accounts for more than 50% of the entire city, and the 53nd super bowl will start here. If you don’t understand Atlanta, then it is recommended to look at the American drama “Atlanta”, the abandoned building group in this city is the paradise of drug trading, becoming urban stains; at the same time, the hip hop culture in these abandoned buildings is successful For mainstream.

Here is surrounded by hip hop, it is immersed here.

When people learned that magic red will become the 53rd super bowl performance guest, the US hip hop fans expressed angry, they believe that the alliance should enter the country, NFL, even if you don’t want to say the singer, you should ask a black singer. . It is born in Atlanta, singing sings, such as Ludacris, T.I., Gucci Mane, Migos, Future, Young Thug, etc., all are familiar names.

Cardi B

Cardi B

Today, the sound of these outside world is getting more and more, and the alliance has to carefully consider whether this year is invited to help guests, and who will visit guests. The fans are not others, is the current American most red saying that women’s newcomers Cadi -B (Cardi B) and “Niu Jie” Maria – Kelly (Mariah Carey).

Speaking of “Giant Lung Sunday” Maria – Kelly, many people are familiar with her bright throat, she is a lot of color in the 1980s, making the pop culture of that era, the most fascinating The way inherited. She is one of the best singers in the history of the record, known as the golden song. So for so many years, why didn’t she perform in the super bowl?

Old cow sister participates in the super bowl performance year

Old cow sister participates in the super bowl performance year

In fact, it is not that she doesn’t want to go, and the alliance is really not giving opportunities. After this year’s super bowl guest broke out, the reporter asked the cattle sister in Los Angeles, the Answer’s answer was her very happy to go to the super bowl. In fact, the cattle sister has also performed in a super bowl, but it is not a midfield. In 2002, the Super Bowl was started in New Orleans. The cattle sister sang a national anthem in front of the game, and the rolling stone band left the most exciting performance in the middle of the scene. However, for the cow sister, this time the national anthem may be a stain of her life. People find that she is fake when playing the national anthem, is a clear pair of mouth, since then, the cow sister’s musical career began to take a downhill.

Later, there was a new spring, rejuvenating the second spring, but still did not get the opportunity to participate in the midrange show. Back in 2016, the cattle sister said in the “On-site Observation” program, said to the host Andi Kohen, when she has a new song, I will go to the midrange show. Nowadays, her new album has just issued a promotional single, and it is planned to issue their own 15th album in the near future. Atlanta believes that the magic red is not a half-point relationship with the city, and the bovine sister is also half a black, why not let the cattle sister try?

Cardi -B, as a burst of Hua Rapper after the spicy chicken, has created a number of records on the list. According to news, Cardi -B is attending the super bowl with magic red negotiation, and the latest cooperation “Girls Like you” has just successfully ended the Billboard “in my feelings” today. Single champion, this song is also a single record of Kadi-B, and continues to keep the female RAPPER’s digital record. At the same time, with this song, Magic Red has become a team combination of the 21 World Championship.

“Girls Like you”

At present, the problem of Cardi -B and Magic red discussions is mainly due to the time to give Caddy B solo. Atlantia hopes that the guests should be black and have a certain connection with Atlanta, say that these people do not include magic red. Cardi -B is significant for NFL, plus “Girls Like You” has now become the hottest songs in the United States, so she greatly enters the guests.

In addition, when the red saying the singer Travis Scott has been exploded to have a chance to become a visit guest. Now, at least, please ask a black singer to participate in the super bowl. Their personality said that the magic Red Lord sings “Sao Dang” sexy sound line will bring any surprises to the midfield show next year? We will wait and see!

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