Space Man’s King Willand surpassed Celeron 2809 Sench Rank History No. 21

MLB2019 season fierce battle Final Spaces also continued to consolidate the throne of the name of the United States.

With a single 8K, Willand surrendered the MLB Historical Suspension of the MLB Historical Soulboard. Willand first is the sixth game San Zhen Matt – Olsen Chasing Face, and then the next game of Wilbernd regards Robbie Grossman as the lamb to be slaughtered, 2807 three vibrations, dimension Rand officially surpassed the race into history of the 21st pitcher.

At present, Wrande has accumulated 212 wins and 125, and it also plays a place in the winning list. At present, in the Suspel list, he is chasing the 2813th Senumer of Mike, Musna, who is chasing the Pitcher. At present, Wilder is also just a stone’s throw from this record or even Jim Bonin, which is just a stone, according to Wilder’s rockets, you should have a few times to get rid of the 18th place. .

The 36-year-old Ville won three crowns in the 2011 season. In addition to chasing the MLB history in the pitcher data, he also hits the MLB history in the pitcher data. As a MLB Pitcher Award, the Race – raised the magical life of the Magic Return 7356 in 1890 to 1911. In fact, the three oscillating is not the strength of the game. His career’s
511 winning is the first ancient gods of the world. According to the development of baseball, the 21st century may not have a record of the record.

Due to the uncertainty of the record of the early 20th century, there is a small difference between the statistics provided by different historical data providers. According to the US professional baseball big union official statistical Ilears said that the total number of revitalities of the classroom is 2806, not 2803.

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