so crazy! Giants 17 points and wins the same part of the opponent Rocky helpless

Today, the Great League has a shocking score, the San Francisco giant and the National Union West District of Coloradolki have become the stage of star guerrillas Blannd Crawford, almost every time he hits, accompanied by heavy injury, single The performance of the 8 points of the game has also become a small number of individuals in MLB in recent years.

In the day of the day, the two-game play in the day old, Crawford has 5 kinds of swearing, running back to 3 points, while mad irrigation 8, the giant final 19-2 defeated Rocky, single Field 19 is also the highest score of the giant this season.

After Crawford, I received an interview and said: “I have never thought about playing five hits, but I feel very good today. I have received a few playful playing people when I fell in a bactermaker. I feel very good, I can feel full from the spending in my hand, I feel very confident. I feel very good, I hope such a game again. “

Giants Right Field Mike – Mike Yastrzemski) This game has 6 performances, and the Bast Posey is also homoted. This season’s game challenges Rocky’s game, and the last wins will be retroiled to May 8 because the rain is forced to blow in advance.

In the past 25 games, the giant of Rocky is only five victories but they have recently been good, and there will be 9 games in the past 11 games.

For Colorado, 19 points were the most in the history of two teams. Such an embarrassing
record is also the 4th game of the team history, which is hit by the last time, is still in 1995.

Lord Bad Black Bud Black chooses to retain cow shed in the case of the team’s large loser, in the ninth game, Mark Reynolds, called the pitcher deal with. Reynolds’s boarding board is not smooth, and there is a short one.

Since 15 home games since June 12, Luoki pitched the entire shot of 148 points, although it is the advantage of the home of the Plateau, but this averages 9.9 points are still can’t say, with this at the same time their firepower support Only 7.6 points per game.

Giant First Potter Jeff Samaa This game is excellent, and the 6.2 game is 9 times. Despite the two home bases, it is a Yangchun gun, so the giant shark brother will also get high quality first. With the strong fire support of giants, Sama Canada is also reduced to 4 below this season.

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