Season 8 defeated red leather, active seeking change, Haaskins, the first half of the season

November 12th (Wen / ESPN John Keim Compilation / White) Washington Red Leather (1 win 8 losses) looks not very good, so they look at the future. On November 11, local time, temporary head coach Bill Karahan appointed a new show 4 points, DWAYNE HASKINS, was the first quarter of the season’s surplus competition. Haskins has recently been pushed to the first due to the injury of Case Keenum, but Karahan hopes to further.

Nakann will become a 4-point guard of the Red Leather, and Colt McCoy will become the third quarter. Karahan said: “We are in a critical period, we don’t want to leave some embarrassing records. So this is a good opportunity for him to play, he should also seize every passing opportunity, so we can see his progress.”

Haskins This year, the first round of the selection meeting was brought to Washington by the red leather. The first first time was November 3, and the red skin did not host the game. This opportunity is because Nika injury is listed in the brain shock observation. Haskins is now thoroughly robbed, he has been with this year’s draft conference, two first-side Shi Sad (Kyler Murray), and New York Murray, Daniel – Jones ( Daniel Jones, the sixth step), together, becoming the team’s first.

The first first start, Haskins did not win, and the red skin lost to Bill at 9-24 last week. But in this game, Haskins played a good performance to prove that he has the ability to continue to stay in the starting lineup. He tried to pass 15 times in his life, and he did not be copied. However, in the overall performance of Haskins this season, he has not passed up to 44 times, but he encounters 4 cases.

The red skin team does not want to make the first day of the Haskins station, because they have repeatedly emphasized the time to train in Open, it will become the first to harm him prematurely. At that time, most people think that the best choice is to let Haaskins have been in studying for a year, and the second year will become the first.

But this plan is disrupted for several reasons: Kasi is learning a new offensive mode, struggling with the team lacks offensive weapons; in December last year, McCaki’s leg fracture, then in the rehabilitation process There have been new problems in the middle; and the red skin has been moving. A red skin will say after the game is lost, although players may prefer a member of Nakana and McCay, but consider the current record of Hongki, they will understand the team to use Haaskin. The choice is selected.

I only saw a short appearance, and there are some tactical conversation in Haskins, and the problem that is not a thorough understanding. But his teammates said that in the game of array, Haskins has made great progress in conveying tactics. A player said that he is as “full” that they see in the game. Haskins said that all teams have changed greatly in the wheel. When the Red Leather excavated Haskins in Ohio State University, he had a deep impression on the pocket in the pocket, and his arm talent was more obvious in several passes.

“As long as he repeats the required movements over and over again, he will become better, it be as good as other quadrants.” Karahan said: “I don’t think you can explore in a group of Repeat those actions. He has been getting better now, then the real strengthening training is an important part of a qualified quarter. Not only that, but also to see his ability to exercise under pressure. These factors are very important, I think he thinks It is good to do in the Bill’s game. “

On the second day of the Bill, Karaham said that he had a formal appointment of Haskins as the start. He quickly made this decision, he wanted to see the stability of Haskins in the season in the season. “His shot is very decisive, and progress is also very obvious.” Karahan said: “He has the talent in bad weather. We now enter this stage of the season, all factors are playing. His arm is very powerful. It is still necessary to develop, and he needs the experience of the game. “

The reporter did not contact Haskins on Monday, but his teammates hope that Haskins can bring positive changes. “For the first time, the first time, the first week, the preparation time of the whole week is definitely helpful.” When the exterior portrait – Quiin’s time. You can see this from him, so the buffering time of the extra week is really good. “

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