Red and dark love, I didn’t have to go through 72 million Mr. Osville announced retirement.

October 17 (text / ESPN compiled / big white) Local time October 16th, I have helped Denver’s Wild Horse won the quarter of the 50th Super Bowl of the Champion. The four-point guard called “72 million Mr.” was replaced by the Chinese ball. However, after the big contract, he gradually became a patron, until the ball can play, he is helplessly announced when he accepts an interview. The news of his own retirement.

Osville announced retirement

Osville announced retirement

The 28-year-old Osville has effectively passed the wilderness, Houston Texas and Miami dolphins. He said when he accepts a phone interview today.

“I have experience, people who have encountered, harvest friendship – I will not think about things that have not happened in their career.” Osville said: “As a Calispe, Montana Children, I have won the super bowl for the wild horse, which helped me got the second contract. When I look back, I am very grateful, great experience. “

Last season, Osville replaced Ryan Tannehill in the Dolphin team, and the latter received 2-3 replacement or first appearance. As we said, this is a player who loves and hate, and he has brought hope to the fan. In the competition of the Chicago Xiong team, Osville threw the highest 380 yards in the career, led the team’s overtime to kill the couple.

However, the Osville objective at that time is to reshape their careers, from disappointing first to reliable substitute. At the beginning of the season, he signed a short year with the dolphin team for a short year. After spending a difficult training camp, Osville successfully squandered the Dolphin No. 2 quartz, when Tainini was in the season At the beginning of the injury, Osville made the Dolphin team to maintain a stable record. In the 2018 season, the Osville passed the hit rate of 63.5%, promoted 1247 yards, got 6 times and 4 times.

Osweiler’s “Legend” career is also told from the substitute. In the 2015 season, he got 5 wins and 2 losses in the wild horse. Later, the big manda injury was returned, led the team to fight for the playoffs, and defeated the Carolina Black Leopard in the 50th Super Bowl.

“The 2015 season is unforgettable.” I saw the coach and teammates, I seem to have the whole world. I am glad that I have the opportunity to play the role of the time, but the final team will choose to trade me. At that time The wild horses are very talented. I think we are the best team of the whole league. We will be difficult to copy, it is so real, now thinking, I still stay in the fingertips. I think the ball Everyone in the team will do everything in order to win. “

After winning the 2015 season, Osville was traded to Houston Texas signed a $ 72 million fertilizer, and after experiencing a “parallel” season, Texas could not bear it to Cleveland Brown. However, Osville has not received the opportunity to fight for Brown and will be traded back to the wild horse to help. He was a two-way show of the 2012 wild horse, and now faces a non-potential situation after the league is seven years.

There is no good fortune, it seems to have gone. Talking about the career, the Osville’s brain is a unforgettable moment that led the wild horse to win, but the reality is that he has been in the NFL. “I still have a healthy, I also won the champion ring. Although there are still many things I want to do, I still have energy, but sometimes the opportunity can’t force it. Every time I think of this, I will smile and say something to myself ‘Hey, everything Get better. ‘”

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