Patriots owner refused to sign the plea agreement arising from either the video or the effluent

New England Patriots owner Robert – Kraft charged with two counts of prostitution and involvement in prostitution, in the current case is still pending. According to sources, Kraft’s lawyers filed a 21 request to the prosecution not to disclose some evidence of cases of prostitution, especially video. But 22, prosecutors said they would not conceal evidence for Kraft, the big boss in relation to dare dare ……

Kraft’s lawyers recently argued that if Kraft prostitution case does not hold or has no results, do not announce video. However, Florida’s Palm Beach County prosecutor’s office refused to cooperate with this plan Kraft and other 14 suspects submitted. Then they come out of another question, why the state prosecutor refused to cooperate Kraft, the evidence of confidentiality it? Especially considering that it is investigating public together, after the police had claimed the so-called victims expressed sympathy and avoid greater harm (if released, all the people who appear in the picture reputation will be damaged, which include providing services Miss).

Reporters asked the same question to the state prosecutor’s office, the answer is: “No comment.” Kraft few days will probably whoring video outflow.

Palm Beach County prosecutor’s office on the 18th evening provided a plea agreement to Kraft and 24 other men, if Kraft signed the agreement, the police will withdraw two charges against him. The agreement is: admit their guilt, do 100 hours of community service and complete a course on prostitution hazards, as well as pay a fine of $ 5,000. However, Kraft is not currently signed on to this agreement.

Kraft around a source said Kraft will not plead guilty, the 77-year-old would rather fight the allegations in court and in the end, is not willing to plead guilty. He said the two sides still continue negotiations.

If Kraft accepted the agreement, also admitted his crimes: January 19, 20, twice visit a spa club and enjoy pay illegal “special services.” Kraft attaches great importance to the matter of social impact, even if they have been living in the whirlpool, still we want to minimize the impact of thing, so he asked the prosecution not to him out of spas video exposure.

We are aware that it is impossible to Kraft signed in a plea agreement, prosecutors seem to want to put pressure on Kraft with a plea agreement, and video information at their disposal is the trump card.

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