Note: A multi-compete group team intends to Wall, but it is desperately of 47 million players next season.

On November 29th, Beijing time According to WOJ, the multi-competition team is interested in Wall, hoping to take him down, but because he is $ 47 million next season, these teams are looking forward.

Wall’s contract is still two years, this season’s salary is 44.31 million, the next season is a $ 47 million player option.In the expectation of the outside world, Wall is almost certainly executive, which makes all teams don’t want to deal to get him.

The Rockets currently want to cultivate small Kemin Potter and Jay Green, therefore and Wal reached an agreement, let the latter no longer play for the team, while seeking transactions, let him go to other team effectiveness, but his contractThe transaction is difficult to achieve.Waltime Time is contacted by General Manager Stone on Friday, expresses the desire to join the team and re-play.

(Iron forest)

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