Nearly 10 years of positive and negative TOP10 released: Curry dreaming soup gods, James 5th, Haden 10th

In addition, James’s total negative value is a little low, because nearly 10 years James teamed up with a lot of top stars, but James is the most demanding ball partner like the library, helpless Kuti and James are destined to become a competitor.If it is not Durant to join the 73th Warrior, maybe James’s championship will be more, and you can only say that Durant and Curi and others are perfect, their positive and negative value is in the near 10 years.It is so high, and it takes 5 places of TOP10. It can be seen that Warriors have alliance ruling power in the 19th year. It is indeed too strong. Harden is also excellent enough in the western parties and Warriors. Maybe Harden has not yet totalThe champion, but Haden has a high positive and negative value for nearly 10 years. It seems that Harden is also an underestimated super star, in fact, the alliance also owes a championship.

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