NBA-Warriors 3 news! The strength list is still the first, the Curi MVP list leads, Thompson’s latest developments

Beijing time on November 30th, the NBA regular season continued to start, the Warriors will usher in a focus war in tomorrow, the first battle of the league will challenge the 16-game winning sun. In the pre-match Warriors, we ushered in 3 news. On the latest phase, the Warriors are still high; the probability of MVP, the Curie continues to lead; Thompson’s latest developments are training.

The NBA official announced the latest team strength list, of which the Warriors were in the first, and the Sun’s basket is ranked, and the lake is still ranking 19th.

The Warriors are in the first and there is no controversial, winning 18 wins and 2 negative records, and both ends of the attack and defense have excellent play, and the key to winning is in the third quarter. In the last 15 games, the Warriors have reached the horror of 34.5 points in the third quarter, and the brave three madness is unimagled. The deception of the next game and the sun will be a very exciting.

Warriors are in the Alliance, and Curry has also become the biggest popular of MVP. The probability of the regular game MVP is updated again. The advantage of the Curre is once again, and it is still high, the letter brother and Durant are ranked second and third.

This season, Kuli, can bomb 28.6 points 5.8 rebound 6.8 Assistance 1.8 steals, three-point hit rate 42.3%, this performance is not inferior to the full ticket MVP season. As long as the warriors can keep this state, the MVP really doesn’t have a suspense.

Let’s take a look at Thompson’s latest developments, he is put by the team to the development of the Union Team Santa Cruz Warrior to increase the number of training. Today, Santa Cruz Warriors push the video from Clera to participate in the team training, and write: “This is about breakthrough, this is about power.” This Tomson has https://www.nbatrikots4.comparticipated in the 5V5 confrontation training, and there is also Nice performance, this is a good news for the Warriors. If he returns, the warrior is the real warrior.

Due to injuries, Thompson has not played for 2 consecutive seasons. According to the previous reset prediction, Thompson will return to Christmas. Today, Tomson is in progress, slowly looking for a state, after all, has not played in two seasons. Warriors are not anxious, but also want to ensure that there is no loss, this can be urgent. Perhaps you want to return to the stadium, Thompson himself is a bit emotion, the last Warriors hits the game, he sits alone on the tower to cover the towel. Curry is talking about Thompson, said: “It is very proud to have been close to the return after two years. Sometimes this will hit him, and we only need to support him there.

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