MVP Jackson night returned to his rookie year! Withering attack how a crow?

October 21 News (text / ESPN Jamison Hensley compile / Aibo) Baltimore Ravens of the road and the ability to promote the continuous attack early in the season has been considered the league’s top, and their current record is 5 wins and 1 loss in Midland the forefront. But if you watched the game, then you will find this year’s crow seems not the same as last year, that support a lion mighty crow, you can not tell where is wrong.

Last season, the Ravens have created a record number of teams on the single-season rushing yards in NFL history; and quarterback Lamar – Jackson 36 passing touchdowns to lead the league and created a single season rushing quarterback record number of yards. And this season, Ravens offensive efficiency remains high, they have scored in six games section 24 game, the Rams tied the record in 2000; and they score 179 points is the highest league.

However, they had some problems in the last game. Jackson’s passing game and not very good, he began to punch the ball time and time again with the road carrying the team forward, just as he replaced Joe rookie season in 2018 – as did Flacco did when starting. So, crow’s offensive in the end what’s the problem?

Jackson touchdown 37 yards to score to make Ravens 24-6 in the third quarter to lead the Hawks.

Jackson touchdown 37 yards to score to make Ravens 24-6 in the third quarter to lead the Hawks.

“I think it’s normal, I think some ups and downs can be understood.” Ravens coach John – Hubble said. “We set the standard is always the same, which is what we want to achieve, we hope that in the past improved basis. of course, we have not reached the goal. but I do not think we did not reach last year’s level, I know we have a lot of work to do. “

Hubble noted that the current problem is not lack of effort the players, he played the performance of A + for their players, in order to encourage their efforts in training and competition; however this year and last year the biggest difference is to reduce their offensive efficiency. Last year, you can often see crows made offensive touchdowns through wave after wave, gradually leading to clock off; but this year, you can always see them casually being protected from a third gear failure punt ended.

Advancing yardage, averaging 342.2 yards in the league 26, third gear conversion rate of 42.1% ranked 16th, red zone efficiency of 63.2% ranked No. 18, these numbers may explain why the Ravens played so hard. “Just some small details of the attack slowed our speed.” Quarterback Jackson said. “We just need to clean up some little things, we can achieve the objectives we all normal.”

Jackson said is true, last week’s 30-28 victory over the Hawks, because crows attack occurs dilemma is their own foul trouble. Their offensive group had a full 9 fouls, this is their most since 2001, the group of offensive fouls a game. Early move, pull people, illegal cover …… everything, attack the second quarter, the Ravens actually need to face a speed of 35 yards situation.

“We really foul penalty is ignorant,” Jackson said. “We own to stop myself, I think we played well able to attack, our outlook is still very substantial.”

Foul trouble may be able to make offensive efficiency is to get rid of the pot, but poor passing attack, or their own problems. At least in the last two games twice, Jackson took out pass the ball Myers – Boykin; the latter either did not realize or ran another line. Obviously, the passing attack problems from last season’s American League semi-finals after still not able to be properly addressed.

“We discussed at today’s meeting in this matter, which is the communication between the two issues, this issue must be addressed, and certainly will be addressed.” Hubble said. However, the ball just does not seem to question the crow communication problems, Jackson for more than 15 yards passing this season, the performance of 38 pass 14, the success rate of only 36.8%, ranked 28th in the league; league only Joe – Burrow, Carson – Wentz, Jimmy – Garo Poirot and Dwyane – Haskins worse than him. Not long pass hit the road alone hard to push down offensive efficiency can imagine.

“We want to play better, we want to be more stable.” Small crow right tackle Orlando – Brown said, “We will around Lamar and offensive coordinator Greg – Roman’s offense to score as much as possible, this is the goal we want to achieve our desire for perfection, we want to become the world’s best offensive group, we want to go one step farther position, we are not there yet, we know there is a lot of work to Do.”

Yes, this week is a break week crows, they have a lot of time to think of ways how to find the kind of withering attacks last year feeling.

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