MLB9 Day Summary: Sel 8 Bureau 14K Pressing Jinyuti Chrysanthemati Terrestrophy to help the sailor

On May 9th, Beijing time, the US professional baseball big league MLB regular competition is 14 games. Selsen State Benning Titi goodbye to the red socks to defeat the Jinyu, the tournament 89 big counterattack reversal pirates, Florez Key to fight the snake to defeat the rays, Jerichi farewell to defeat the national, Akho Fu 8 bureau, good investment, the people in the city, Lunfro’s home base, the priest, the big capital, Juxi Xiong stars good to Cainazon’s twelfth watermaster big winning Yang, the double city line is hot, the blue bird, the tiger Boyder is good to win the angel, and the bear Houver see the defeat of Marin fish. The space of the Spaceman Pikick is hot and the royal, the Dodge Way defeated the Warrior, and the Piscoti naked his life.

Baltimo Gold Owand 1-2 Boston Red Sox (extended 12 bureaus)

Chris Sel, the red stockings, finally found a state of the triumph, and he was filled with 8 games and lost 1 point, and the three oscillated 0 times were passed. Jinyu first-haired Kemshna 6 bureau was thrown into a three-vibration.

3 games, half-Muqi-Bates, the home base, sending the reddock team, first, 1-0 lead. 6 The second half of the gold medal Mansini is the second base to return to Ricard, and the golden hits the score. Since then, the two teams have not scored, 12 bureaus, half-Bien Ning Tid, the right country, the spring, the red socks finally 2-1 defeated the golden.

Pittsburgh Pirate 6-9 Dezhou City

The two teams have played a poor, and the pirates have been sent by the Jinham 4 games to be hit by 2 points, 5 times three times 3 times. The ride will first send the Sherby Miller 4 games to be hit by 4 points, and the three times will be checked. 3 games, half-proud cavalry, Qi Joe-Garlo, took the 2-point gun, and the cavalry was 2-0 lead. 4 The second half of the pirates, Yosh-Bell makes a two-point gun and also colors. 5 The second half of the sea, Poland, Poland, returned Adam – Fraser and Stalin Mart, 6th Bureau, the second half of the sea, Kevin Newman, the second base triggered a series of arrivals, Newman ran back Home score. After that, Colin – Molan made a home run. Pirates 6-2 lead.

8 bureau, half a pirate layout, Fritz fired, and the rider captured. The pirate replaced by Limes pocuses, the hull of Hunter Pephedroved, and the rider will score the score to 6-6 flat. The 9th Bureau, the upper halfway cavalry team Faffa’s second base is played back Mazara, and then Odor made a two-point gun, and the rider eventually 9-6 reversed the pirate.

Tampa Bay 2-3 Arizona Rattles (extended 13 bureaus)

The radiance of the radiance – Morton 5 was thrown 2 points by playing 7, and the three-oscillating 4 times were guaranteed. The snake first Rabobari-Ray 5.2 was hit 4 antellability to show 11 three vibration 3 times to keep 0 ignition. 1 The upper half of the Sail Snake team Adam Jones rolls back to Garo Deson, 3 games, Half-Martar, Martan, hit Dai Sen, the Snake 2-0 lead. 8 bureaus – Eskabar’s mistakes let the radiance Yang Di Diaz ran back to the buildings, 9 bureaus In the middle direction, he hit Yang Di Diaz, and the rays slammed the score. 13 The upper half of the snake Florez Anat has returned to Espobal, and the snake 3-2 wins.

Milwaukee Brewer 7-3 Washington National

Silver Bar Woodllav Today, 6 bureaus was hit by 4 to lose 1 point to shoot 9 times, Zhen Zhen won the victory, but strike 3-0. Jeregia 4 shredded 3 hits 1 home running and got 2 points. The national first Herrickson 4 bureau was hit by 7 to lose 6 points, 3 of whom were separated.

1 The second half of the Spring Festival helped the winemaker first opened the record, then the Tymz venue rules second bases hit Musakas, Orlando – Assia Anattranded Braun and Tams, wine People 4-0 lead. 2 The lower half Mustakas knocked out 2 points, 5 bureaus, Hani-Peny, tapped out the spring gun, winemaker 7-0 lead. Then, the national rely on sacrifice and hit the three points.

St. Louis Sapphire 0-5 Philadelphia Philadelphians

Philadelphie is now the best pitcher Akhof 8, was killed in 3 players 0, and 3 shots were taken. Harper was 3-0 today. The sagama, the Flahti, 5 bureau, was hit, 4, lost 3 points. The 5th game has been in the middle of the city, Erela, the second base. After that, Frankan hit Erela, Cesar-Ernand, toned a second base to returned to Nick Williams, Philadelphie 4-0 lead. 7 of the 7th game, Irnas, tapped out the spring gun, and the Philadelphians defeated the red tickness 5-0.

San Diego Priest 3-2 New York Most

The priest first-stop Straham 6.1 was hit by 6 to lose 2 points, and 7 three vibrations 1 were checked. Yats won the 15th rescue success. Ma Xiko today 4 shots only 1 play. Both the first hairstright 4 bureau was hit 3 to lose 2 points. 1 The half of the game will hit the guerrillas Amed Rosario Ann hit McNernier, and the half of the 2nd game is half a home run. 2 The second half of the priest team Hosmo knocked out the Yangchun gun, 3, half the priest Franmimill Reyssian hit Straham, the priest 2-2 equalized the score. 7 The lower half of the priest team Hunter Lunfro’s Yangchun cannon help the priest 3-2 wins.

Cleveland Indians 5-3 Chicago White Socks

The Indians first bidded the BOB 6.1, was hit by hit 8, and the 6-three vibration 1 was checked. White socks first sent Lopez 6 games to be hit by hitting 3 points. 3 games on the upper half white socks Jose – Abuyi Yusyang Spring cannon helps white socks 1-0 lead, 4 bureaus, the second half of the Indians Renis Martin roll back to Carlos Santana, then Nashi is hitting back Carlos – Gonzalez and Renis Martin. 7 bureau, half white stockings, Rui’an-Kharma, hit Tim Anderson slammed the score. 9 The second half of the second half of the Indians, Ramirez, brought another 2 points, Indians 5-3 breath on white socks.

New York Yangji 1-10 Seattle Sailor

The sailor first picked the Chrysanthemati Tong Star voted 7.2 bureau was hit 3 Anwind 1 points to show 3 times a three-oscillated 1 shot. Yangji first sent Louisijia 4 bureau was hit 6 to lose 4 points. The sailor team began to control the competition from the first game, and the half-Gordheni sacrificed the sacrifice of Di-Gordon, and the Huan Hanig was knocked out of the Yangchun. The 4th game is overdulant – Moore’s second base is played back to Leon-Jilly, and then Di-Gordian
is playing back Dylan-Moore. 5 games, Half Kanasse, knocking out the 12th ethics of this season, the sailor 5-0 lead. 6 The second half of Woett relied on the sacrifice, then the sailor team Xili knocked out the home run, and finally the sailor 10-1 wins.

Toronto Bluebird 1-9 Minnesota Shuangcheng

Shuangcheng first sent Gibson 6 bureau was hit 2 to lose 1 point, showing 11 three vibrations 1 time to protect the victory. Bluebird first sent a Santon 2, was hit by 7 to lose 5 points. 1 The upper half of the double city team Eddie Rosario sacrifice hit Kappel to score, 2, half of the hot-Poland bombard two-point gun, double city 3-0 lead. 3 bureau, half a double city C.J.-Cologne three-point gun, double city 5-0 lead. Afterwards, Joenan Sku is supplemented with a two-point gun, and the Shuangcheng 7-0 is leading. 5 The lower half of the Blue Birds team McKini knocked out the spring gun. After that, Rosario has been hit hard, and the Shuangcheng 9-1 great win blue bird.

Detroit Tiger 10-3 Los Angeles Angel

The tiger first sent Boid 6 bureau was hit 3 Anwill 1 points to shoot 6 times Sanzheng 0 guaranteed to win the victory. The angel first Baskus 4.2 is hit 8 Annweight 7 points. Turuit is swallowed 3k 4-0 today, Da Guxiang Ping 3-0 swallowed 2k. 1 The first half of the year, Fletcher, the strike, 1 bureau, the second half of the tiger team, Rodriggs, the second base, hit Casteranos and Goodrum, Tiger 2-1 . The 3rd Bureau is half-Rodrigsian hit Casteranos, then John Hicks sacrificeed Miguel – Kabrera, Tiger 4-1 leading.

5 Board of Sli Rodriguez, Rodrigs, two collars, hit Gudrum, then Hicks second bases, hit Rhodrigs, Brighton-Dickson, hit Hicks Then the angel mistakes, the tiger 8-1 leads. The 7th game, the upper day, the catcher Lukeroy home hit a point, then the tiger team Jacobi-Jones slammed the home, and finally the tiger 10-3 defeated angel.

Chicago Bear 3-2 Miami Marin (extended 11 bureaus)

The bears first sent a Hendricks 8 games to be hit by 5 to lose 1 point, and 7 three-oscillated 0 is checked. However, the Terminator of the bear is closed at the worship. Malinfish first sent Urega 7 bureau to be hit by 5 to lose 2 points. 1 LAN Half Hemindian Dalin – Castro Ankang has returned Curtis Grannderson, Malinfish 1-0 lead. 4 The lower half of the bureau is Ba Ezan, I’ve been returned to Chris Bryant. After that, the Marin fish arrested Alpharo appeared, and the bear team was divided. 9 bureaus on Herm Gal-Rojas rolled into Isaac Galloway, Maruli saga. 11 bureaus, half Synnes – Haield knocked out, then the home, the bear 3-2 finally wins.

Houston Space Man 9-0 Kansas Royal

The space person first sent a Pikick 7 bureau to be hit by 3 to lose 1 point, and 12 three vibrations were filled with the victory. The spaceman first sent Lopez 2.1 bureau, was hit 6 to lose 6 points. 1 The second half of the Spaceman Springer horses helped the space people to have a first thing, and the 3rd games in the lower half of the Bregman sacrificed back to Springer. After that, Blantee knocked out two points, and the spaceman was 4-0. Carlos – Coreya toned, Alamy Miss Diaz sacrifice, hit Yash-Redick, Spaceman 6-0 lead. 4 The lower half of the Brantley knocked out the Yangchun gun, the spaceman 7-0 led. Subsequently, the spaceman added 2 points of insurance, and finally 9-0 wins.

Los Angeles Daoqi 9-4 Atlanta Warrior

Daoxian Jik 4.2 bureau was hit by a hit 9 to win 4 points to win the victory, the Warriors first sent Fortanevitz 6 bureau was hit 5 to lose 5 points. The second half of the Dodge team is half-Ernande’s home running Dodgerattons 2-0 lead, 3 bureaus, half of the horses, and the Tao 3-0 lead. The 4th Bureau, the half of the warriors, Akunia, 5 bureaus, half a half, Xi’an, hit Barnes, Dodge 4-2 leading. After that, Fortenvitz broke the addition of Peterson. The 7 games, Half Donaden Annamon, returned to Carriberson, the Warriors 3-5, and then Fremmana hit Albes. 7 The second half of the second half of the wonders, Cori-Sig’an, hit Chris Taylor, and Wilduogan hit Mangxi. 8 bureaus on the half of the special branches of 2 cannons, and finally Dodge 9-4 wins the warrior.

Auckland Sports Home 5-4 Cincinnati (Tower 13)

Sports home, Anderson 6 bureau, was hit by 5, and the red man was first in Senni-Gray 4.1 was hit by 6 to lose 4 points. 1 second half of the sports home Propect 2 help sports home 2-0 lead, 2 games in the half red team Kyle, Male Male I played back Iglesias, Perazan hit Fa Mal, Anda, Senzer, returned to Pellaza, the red 4-2 leading. 5 The second half of the sports home Piscatian hit Chapman and Propa, and the sports home 4-4 equalize the score. Two teams watches to the 13th game, and the short semi-slots Cookty slammed the home base, the sports home 5-4 gas.

In addition, Coloradolki is the main battle for San Francisco Giants due to weather reasons.

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