MLB30 Day 30 Team: Yangji’s heavy container will not have a championship

The MLB 2019 season has been officially kicked off, in order to help new and old fans familiar with the status quo of each team as soon as possible, launch 30 days 30 team special for reference. Today, I introduced the Union Old Giants New York.

Team: New York Yangji

Partition: Meilai East District

World Competition Champion: 27 times

Last season, record: 100-62

Team Attack Index: 0.781 (Grand League 2)

Team Score Rate: 3.78 (Grand League 10)

Main coach: Aaron Boone


The 2017 season Yangji unexpectedly killed the United States, and the horn of the impact champion was blown in advance. The joining of Stanton is more likely to let the Yangji’s wandering wings. Despite the troubles of the entire season’s line full of striking diseases (in mid-August, the team is only supported by Stanon, the team’s long fire is still fierce. At the end of the season, the foundation broke the record of the single game. Yangji has a total of 12 players home running, from the first stick to the ninth stick, at least 20 projectors are played. At the end of the season, I got the 100th wins, but the same as the red socks in the same district were better, so the role can only be entered the playoffs.

The outer card battle is the foundation to defend the sportswell to the United Federal partition. The zoning stage staged the play code of the Fatswan Wars. The two teams in the first two games were in autumn, and the main battle of Yangji home red socks was completely broke out. In particular, the third battle of Yangji’s main score was defeated, and a shame was added for the battle history of the two teams. Finally, the red socks stepped into the United States, and won the World Series champion.

The rest period is mainly:

Transfer: DJ – Le Mei Hugh (Signed), Troj-Tovitzki (Sign), Adam – Otvino (Signing), James – Parrston (Transaction), Gio – Gonzalez ( Gio Gonzalez) (Signing), Mike Tao Heman (transaction)

Turning out: David – Robertson (Philadelres), Andrew – McCachen (Philadelres), Neil-Walker (Malinfish), Sunni Gray (Red), Lance – Lin En (Rouvery)

No one in Manny Machado, Bryce Harper and Patrick Corbin is not signed.

Top new show

Estevan Florial, Jonathan Loaisiga, Davi Garcia, Anthony Siegler, Mike Gold (Mike King)

Star player

Alon Jaqi bled in the 2017 season, showing shocking alliances. In the 2018 season, he still maintains the performance of the top players of the league, whether it is low-level or high-level hit data, he basically takes the top ten of the league. However, after he was injured by the ball in August, he missed the time of about 1 month. Although the fire line is re-out, his hit performance is especially long, and it is far from the past.

The new season Jiaqi believes in his wrist injury has been healed, and his new season’s goal is to reduce the number of times the quartz. In the past two season Jiaqi was more than 30% of the tri-vibration rate, which also restricted him into the bottleneck of the top group of the league. If he can be lost to 25% in 2017 in 2017, he will become the most daunting player in the league. It is worth noting that during the spring training period, Jiaqi has corrected the blow action when 2 good balls, and he did not have a move at all. Starting from the small alliance, Jiaqi is highly known as the adjustment ability, and the fine-tuning effect requires the new season test.

The Yangji Ace pitcher Sevilino is inflamed, at least to wait until May to return, so the newly joined Parxon will take a bigger responsibility. Last Saixton’s hand-made the throne of the sailor (the triple of 3.2.3%), Yangji got him also sent a parcel with a farm head Sheffield. In the spheroid of Parsston, more than 8 belongs to the speed ball. 60% of which are tetraose speeds up to 93-96 miles, and 20% of the speed of 88 to 90 miles. Parker’s ball is also extremely excellent, and the Sensole is maintained at 4 or more. Although the Yangji system likes to suggest that pitcher is multi-varying the ball, but the team will open the green light for him with the Spherical Sphere of Parsston.

However, it is worth noting that Parxon’s roll in the past three seasons continued to decline, especially in the last season, his ribbling rate is high, come to Yangji’s home to face the artillery fire, Parx I will not be observed if I don’t want to observe as before Sunny Gray soil. In addition, his injuries also requires the team to pay attention. At the career, he will also cast a 160 game, and the number of other relevant regions also needed to take the support. In addition to him and Sevilino, Ja-Hap continued to stay in the team to stabilize the team round value. Sabasia will also usher in his career’s curtain season. It is expected that he will reach 3000 three-oscillated milestones. Young players such as Montgomery, Herman, Loisi, etc. will also work hard to enter the wheel value.

Alliance experts generally believe that Yangji new season cowshed strength will also live a total alliance. In addition to opening his best scorpion, Terminator Chapman’s Bai Mai speed ball, Betancess, Briton’s wound ball, the speed of Green high speed will become the dream of opponents. This season, the rapidly replay of the season, the stable Holder last season, the endball pitcher Tarill, the end of the season, and the presence of Spring training performance, will be the main battle of the team’s cowshed. The team held a contribution of victory

New season look

Even if the team passed by the race season and the big-name free player, the boss’s money to the free player market is never throwing a meat bag. BRIAN CASHMAN Brian Cashman said that the team had to reinforce the first round value and to sign 2 cow shed pitcher. It seems that his goals have been implemented. At the same time, the team also gave Hicks and Sevilino for long-term renewal, and also talked about Testament with Betanses and Gregion. At present, the total salary of Yangji has returned to the luxury line, approximates the first level trigger line. The operation of this racing Yangji is still bad, only time will tell us the answer.

Considering that the team’s many main force in the new season, the team’s record may not meet the fans in the new season, and the sound waves of the boss will also come. However, with the gradual return of the injured, Yangji has hope to continue to impact the World Series Championship in the new season. It is to know that every ten years of Yangji has taken the title of the United States, and anyone in the Kiklium will not want such a glorious record to be interrupted in his own hands.

Pitcher rating: ★★★★ ☆

Wat rating: ★★★★ ☆

Expected record: 95 to 100 wins, shock partition champion, sword refers to the World Competition

Preview first

1 中 外 手 阿 希 希克斯

2 Right outside wilder Alon – Jiaqi

3 Specify Kaencaro – Stanton

4th base, Luke-Woit

5th bases Miguel – Anduhar

6 Catcher Gary – Sanchez

7 guerrillas Troji Tuovitzki

8 left outer wilder Brett Gardner

9th base hand Grayber Torres

Expected seasonal lineup

Wild hand Gary – Sanchez, Austin Romine, Luke Voit, Greg Bird, Gleyber Torres (Gleyber Torres ), DJ-Lemahieu, Miguel Andujar, Troy Tulowitzki

Field Brett Gardner, Giancarlo Stanton, Alon Judge, Mike Taohem (Mike Tauchman)

First rounding value field will be large, James Paxton, Ja-Hap (j. happ), CC-Sabasia (CC Sabathia), Domingo German (Domingo German)

Human Pitcher Zach, Adam Ottavino, Tommy Green, Tommy Kahnle, Jonathan – Hold ( Jonathan Holder, Louis Cessa, Stephen Tarpley

Terminator Atrodis Chapman

Sick list member: Alon Hicks

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