MLB rest room dancing conflict! Golden 悍 悍 戴 动 动 手 手 手 工 被

In the evening of Wednesday, in the competition of the New York Yangji team, Baltimo Golden Queen’s Strong Chris Davis is good to have been pulled by the teammates, otherwise he is likely to follow home in the lounge. The total coach Brandon Hyde is played.

At the short half of the fifth game, Davis’s preserved was replaced by Justin Peterson. Soon, the broadcast unit broadcast a short video, and there was a fierce quarrel with Davis and the general coach Hyde.

According to the video content, the two sides have already burst out the quarrel when the end of the next game, and the time point is before Davis is replaced by generation.

At the end of Jinyu 12 points, the frustration of Davis can imagine

At the end of Jinyu 12 points, the frustration of Davis can imagine

Although the cause of quarrels has not yet known, it is clear that the game is slut from the golden team to the golden team with 6-11, Hyde is in the channel to Davis into the course venue. what. Then, the 33-year-
old baseman is very excited to move towards his own coach, but before the more intense conflict broke out, Davis is held by another old man Mark Trumbo and the blow. Coach Tang Yan (Don Long) pulled.

Davis signed a large contract of $ 1,61 million in 7 years of $ 61 million in the 2015 resort season and Baltimore Moist. However, after that, the old home running king caught in a deep low tide. So far this season, in only 246 players, Davis was 110 times, and the hits were more miserable 0.183. It can be said that it is full of blind artillery, and it is no wonder that the fans will call him. “Large industrial electric fan”.

As Davis continued to fall into a low tide, https://www.fanartikelsportde.comthe left bearer is getting more and more often in the other side. At Wednesday, he faced the James Paxton, James PaxTon, was just his first game when he was the 12th scene of this quarter. However, the only play in this game, Davis is still unexpectedly proofed by Pikeston.

As if it is more ironic, Peterson, who is playing in Davis, is also a leftkey.

This season is Hyde’s total coach for the first time of the large profit team. The former Chicago Bear team’s bench coach’s career is not ideal, 38 wins and 75 negative records respect the last seat in the Eastern United States Looking at the Alliance, the Alliance is only a little better than the Detroit Tigers, which is a strong competitor of the singles next year.

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