MLB-Jintana 7 bureau only lost 2 points + center line broke out the bears 7-2 Dayu Sheng Dao

Beijing time on April 24th, the US duty wander League Los Angeles Taoist Shi Shi Challenge Chicago Bear, the bear’s first pitcher Jintanna performance excellent, 7 bureaus only lost two points, plus Bai Zez 3 play 2 play and KangrtreThe Las Single 3 points, the finals of the finals, the courses defeated visitors, and took the lead in grabbing the first victory of the series.

Bear Day Sindo

Bear Day Sindo

Data highlight:

Dodge Team: Turner 4 Tit 2 Anwind 1 point, Sig 4 Tit 2

Winnitz: Bayz 3 Tit 2 Anwang 1 Pickup 1 Totto, Kanditreras 3 Tit 1 Anaba 3 Totto, Jinshenna 7th Bureau 7 times

Competition review:

Direct dialogue between the two national alliances, Los Angeles Daochi made a three-way battle with Chicago bear. The landlord cousnet sent the Jose Quintana in the season. The previous two first two, the previous two, the seven games, no loss, and even two games sent 18 three vibrations, as if they returned to the measures of the white socks. The front of the Jintai Tamada has a good voyage, and the 6.2 game is only lost. Dodge is currently ranking first in the national alliance in the situation of 15 wins and 9th, while the Cabbear is 10 wins and 10 negative ranks in the national alliance.

In the second half of the one game, the land main team took the lead in the horn of the attack. After two guaranteed an anaba, the two-year-old, the young arrest of this quarter, Wilson Contraras, left field. Clear Both Establishment to let the bear team get 3-0 lead, the next stick Descalso will make up a big lead in making the bear team to open a large leading 4-0. In the second half of the second half, I changed a barrier Ruzzo, and the two-point home base in the left foreign field is even more divided.

In the upper half of the three games, Dodge depends on the second base of Justin Turner, Barnes, Austin Barnes, is the first minute of the game. This game is still outstanding, and the seventh bureau has encountered the chaos of this game. After a bureau, Pollock was a continuous security of the Cody Bellinger, but Jinsa was in time, just let Taylor hit the earth to return to a point. And successfully let the Max Muncy Senucting Bureau, this game is over 7 out of the 7th and 7th seventh three-vibration.

On the four games, he was observed, the four games were hit, and the 7-way hits included in Ruzzo were hit. In addition, I also sent 3 guarantees, and I didn’t even think about it.

As early as possible, I changed the front of the cattle and bulld to start early, and the game of the game was still excellent, and only the second half of the seventh place was taken by Bayz (Javier BAEZ). Lost a point. The half of the eighth games came up and
came up again, and the two people in STEVE CITEK and Ryan (Kyle Ryan) were teamed up to make the situation into a bureau, and fortunately, Laoy first is the Bolo Sanxu , Relying on the beautiful skills of Bayz to let Belinsen go out of the inner rolling earth, and force this bureau.

After that, the two cowshed sheds were not lost, and the final wing worship team won the game with 7-2 laughing.

Both parties:

Los Angeles Dodge Team

First stick two bases Enrique – Erique Hernandez

Second Bar Triel Justine – Turner (Justin Turner)

Third stick, Based, David – Fris (David Freese)

Fourth Bar Guardi – Corey Seager

Fifth stick Chinese and foreign wilder AJ-Poolock (A. J. Pollock)

Sixth stick right outside wilder Cody-Bell Bellinger

Seventh stick left outer wilder Chris Taylor

Eighth sticks arrested Ostdom – Barnes (Austin Barnes)

The ninth stick


First stick right outer wild hand class – Ben Zobrist

Second Bar 3rd Based Chris Bryant

Third stick, Anthony, Ruzzo (Anthony Rizzo)

Fourth stick guerracid Haville – Javier BAEZ

Fifth rod left outer wilder Kyle Schwarber

Sixth Capture Wilson – Wilson Contrans

Daniel Descalso (Daniel Descalso)

Eighth Battar Sinowen Wilder Jason – Haield (Jason Heyward)

Ninth Bar Pitcher Jose – Jose Quintana

Next prospect:

The second game of the series, the Dodge team sent last year’s newcomer Buehler to the hub of the horses of the Wrapo Hamels. Despite excellent performance last year, several games in this season are struggling, and 5.4’s self-blade is also sufficient. However, before the previous game, he faced the Winnati’s Wat to hand over 6.1 Bureau did not lose his self-responsibility.

And against Hammers, it seems that it seems to have retrieved the triump of Philadelphia, and the self-sharing rate of three games is very excellent 1.29. Who can suppress these two explosive power, recent situation What is it very hot?

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