MLB heavy transactions! Dodge red socks double city five people exchange B & Spris transfer Los Angeles

According to a number of media reports, Los Angeles Dodge and Boston Red Socks and Minnesota Shuangcheng have conducted tripartite transactions. Los Angeles Daoqi got the field of foreign wilder Muqi-Bates and left pitcher David Ples (David Price), Boston Red Socks won two young rookie owners alex – Wildu, Alex Verdugo and Right Pitcher Brusdar Graterol, Minnesota Shuangcheng is the trading coming, there is a day, right, and Tian Tian Jian.

Before a few weeks, if you said that Boston’s reddock https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comwill trader before the opening of the 2020 season, the most valuable player Mookle Betts is estimated to be the MLB fans around the 2018 season. Laugh your idiotic dreams. However, pull the timeline to now, it seems that everything is possible. “This is a present, it will happen.” “Well-known MLB official website reporter Ken Rosenol said in this day on Monday. Bates will be traded. The only problem now is that when he will be traded, “

Bates' full-scale hits and gaze are impeccable

Bates’ full-scale hits and gaze are impeccable

For red socks, the heavy trading case for a long time has finally landed. Seeing the same partitioned New York Yangji and Tampa Bay’s strong horse strong, last year’s ranking third red socks estimate in a short period of time, it is not possible to catch up with these two teams, plus it has not been able to talk to Bates. Therefore, seeking transactions, lest after the end of the ball, Bates put into the free player market, and the bamboo basket is empty. In addition, the sales of the Red Socks team has exceeded the launch of the luxury tax. If it is not possible to clean the salary space below the tax line, the reddock team will receive a fine of penalty and may lose draft.

Coupled with the “dark door” that has not been abolished, unknown punishment (but the deprivation of the election is to do), if it continues to lose dragons, the reconstruction will be more difficult, so through the opportunity to trade Bates Clean up the salary space of Presses and exchange for cheap young rookie combat is the goal of socks.

After eating half of the salary of Ples, the red socks have also received two young people who are still in a hundred new show. Wildugo has risen the big alliance in last year, but also aimed at the best newcomers in the national alliance before the injury.

Only 23-year-old owner, Wilduo has all the best, and the precision choice of the eye and the capabilities are more exclusive, plus the good defensive and speed, and the red socks may be in him. Find a foreign country solution in the coming years. The 21-year-old Gratrore is a fireball male, 97, 98 miles, even on the three-digit sphere, plus a top scorpion, Gratrore’s potential is also amazing. If he can further develop his shifting ball, the future front end value must have his place.

Shuangcheng here, can defeat the Cleveland Indians in the case of the Cleveland Central area, and the management is determined to make up the pitcher. A few signs of the snippet showed the determination to enhance the wheel value, and this time, the day pitcher Wang Tianjian is also supposed to make up the last piece of the round value.

The contract of Qiangtao Jialong is a unparalleled excellent asset for the team. A young teenager led Minnesota continued to challenge the playoffs and played a stable military role in a stimulating playoffs.

Dodge teenager is smile, and does not hide the joy of his heart.

Dodge teenager is smile, and does not hide the joy of his heart.

The last is the Los Angeles Dodge. This giants from Los Angeles were returned to the World Competition in 2017,2018. After seven years of receipts, “How to win the World Competition” has become the only one of this team. Question. Always lack them in the playoffs, this time it is also out.

Looking down Bates The most valuable player of the 2018 National League, even if there is a slight recession, there is a 0.295 hit rate, 0.391 oscillator and 0.524 long-winning super stars, match the most valuable player of the New Department of the National Union, Cody, Bellin CODY Bellinger forms a super-killed field, with the original other Taoist striking, a walker that makes the opponent pitcher and daunting.

The pitcher also got the top of the previous US League Competition, Plus, plus the Clayton Kershaw, and the two most pressure-made two left pitters in the past ten years ago Los Angeles, season after The experience of experience in the game can bring the experience of winning the championship, and more than the long-awaited wheel value of Liu Xianzhen, under the red socks to help the next salary, the Dodge team is more relaxed.

Overall, Boston’s red socks are half-gave to this season for reorganization, and other players in the array may wait for the possibility of being able to observe the appearance; Minnesota Shuangcheng is a series of reinforcements from the seasons. It is necessary to connect the strong determination of partitions.

The Los Angeles Dao is to go through the contract of the World Competition for many years in the contract of Bates, and try to sign a long agree with Bates. As for the transaction, which team earned, which team lost, then Take time to prove it.

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