MLB confirmed the first case of newzigni pneumonia! Yangji Small Alliance player nucleic acid detection is positive

On March 16, Beijing, Marchman, the general manager of Yangji, announced that Yangji has a small alliance player in the detection of new coronaviruses, which is the world’s first official officially announced the new coronary virus baseball big alliance related personnel.

According to the “Health Insurance Privacy and Responsibility Act”, Yang Chiang team did not announce the identity of the player, and Kashman said the player’s condition improved. He said in an interview, “Although he is still isolated, the symptoms are basically not, there is no fattening.”

According to Kashman’s statement, the player reported to the team on Friday, saying that he had a fever and tired, the team doctor first gave him a body temperature, then screened the flu and pharyngitis, but the test results of the two diseases were negative . The team immediately sent this player to Tampa General Hospital, screening of new coronaviruses – he also became the first base employee for coronaviruses. Unfortunately, Saturday came from the laboratory of Tachahasi, Florida, which was positive for the results of the results.

“Because he is still very young, he did not have a debut in a team”, Kashman said, “We made a symptom screening for all people in the spring training base on Thursday. At that time, he had no symptoms. Terrible is how he is infected, while he has been close to him during this time? He has now left the base to return home, can be sure that he has no contact with the big alliance player. Hillsboro The health management department of the county tells us not to worry. “

Although Yangji did not announce the name of the small alliance player, there is still a media recognition is the potential to Denny-pull

Although Yangji did not announce the name of the small alliance player, there is still a media recognition is the potential to Denny-pull

According to Jason-Qiluo’s statement, this infected small alliance player has never stepped into the Georgest Tenburna Stadium. There is no big alliance player in the case of the current situation. direct contact.

For cautious considerations, under the cooperation of the local health sector, the Biki team is still isolated on all small alliance players and some small alliance coaches and staff. In the isolated hotel, the players will enjoy the unified box, and keep in touch with the team with a Teamwork. According to the time, the isolation will last until March 25. “We have already told the players to be careful about the spread of viruses, wash hands, symptoms to report as soon as possible.” Kashman said.

The Spring Training Base of Yangji Small Alliance is closed from Friday and has been reopensed until March 25. The borders of the Bay’s Pilot Spring Training Base and the large alliance are part of the NFL player Pittsburgh Pirates. Kashman emphasized the team’s attention to the epidemic prevention work. He said, “We have already found a professional deep cleaning company, disinfecting the relevant facilities of the small alliance. In these few days, we conducted another disinfection. Now they are still disinfection, they will also make sterilized the facilities of the big alliance today. Although the disinfection is enough, we will not relax, the relevant safeguards will continue to follow up. “

The local health department will continue to popularize the knowledge about the new coronavirus, and will send it to the players after the team organizes compilation.

Kashman said in the end, “It is obvious that we are in a constantly changing world, everything is so unknown.”

(Text / 耿 皓阳)

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