MLB biochemical Pophang: I have never left St. Louis when I left St. Louis.

Written / Zhang Zihan

The reasons for Albert-Pioness leaves Shengluo, people are no longer concerned. In the past, the fans were eager to know if the Propers in 2013 were still in the Red Championship, and the red socks would become the team that ended the world contest.

For the red scitch, there is nothing than Pethangs. 8 years, it is more exciting. The Buffy Stadium is sitting with Dangdang, Albert-Preshang is the king of the Rapu. For Putue, this stadium has too much recall, but professional sports is cruel, and the player will embrace the top team that gives the highest price.

The rickets may not know that they have left the “biochemical” Pu Heders, the small market team budget is limited, and Putues means that the team does not have more budget to pursue the big fish on the market. The special treatment enjoyed from Pophangs in the Buffy Stadium, can still be peek into Putue here’s glory.

Return to St. Louis Pretose to enjoy the home treatment

Prince’s last step on the Buffy Stadium or October 2011, he led the Red Tit to win the World Competition. For eight years later, he returned to this familiar place with the identity of the angel player. The first played, everything was full of warmth.

When the first bureau of the first bureau of the League of the League and Angels, the Purus was hit. His front team Friends Yadir-Molina is like he stood before the homer is in front of him, and the referee will immediately suspend the game. The entire scene became the world of Puerto, a full 75-second non-stop applause and cheers, time just like jump back to 20 years ago.

Prince is standing next to the strike area, picking up the helmet and slowly turning to the whole fan. In the seating area of ??the rickets, Adam – Wright – this teammate who has played side with Putues, waving his cap, Puerto finally dedicated the helmet to the angel rest area direction, and finally Catcher Molina returned to the home base to prepare for the start of the game, Proust and the old team friend hug, the audience entered a climax.

People are applying for 8 years ago, and the Wen Wright is thrown. The existence of Tiemolina makes all the strangers are bold, and there is also the most powerful “biochemical person” in the 21st century. Hous. It’s just that the time is no longer, the three groups in the peak period can create a miracle, and now they have come to the end of the career.

This year, I have been 39-year-old, Puerto, Prince, has fallen out of the magic. His high flying ball entered the Sapphire in the wilder Harrison – Badel’s tube is easily collected. The professional stadium is the back wave, and Prince is in the first time, Badel is only 6 years old.

The second game Petiqi once again accepted the full fans and drums, and enjoy the highest treatment of the visiting team. After playing the home, returning to the rest area, the fans took him with the applause. In the second half of the seventh place, Putue played Yangchun’s own base to play into the team. The fans immediately entered the fanatics, people shouted his name: Albert, Albert, Albert.

Residents of Puru returning to the premature performance, 11 shredded knockout 4 security belt with a home run, the hits reached 3% 64. His return is perfect, the audience stands up, and the front team is hugging, and the home run is hit, and the angel will win a victory. Such data can’t bear to remember the Puerto at the time of the plane.

The red rhena brilliant year three degrees Hold the country MVP

In the 2001 season, Albert-Prince was only used for two years, and this rookie came to the big alliance, and the performance of San’an was standard, and his hit rate was on April 13. Amazing. 389, until June 7th and slipped to 30% or less. The entire season 1.013 offensive index ranked first, it is difficult for people to imagine this is a player who is passed in the 13th round of the draft meeting two years ago. At that time, Puerto is the center of Maple Community University. .

In the 1998 season, there were countless people in love with baseball, and the sagny giant macquac-Maquier played a single session 70 bombard in the history record. The home running king’s newcomers in the same location have no effect. If Made is a strange blow, the biochemical people are concentrated together. At the same time of the 37 bomb, the hit rate was maintained at 3% 29. After the end of the season, Prince won the best new show in the country to got the highest honor of honor for the highest horses.

In the next day, Pudou countless honor is added. In the past 8 years, I have been selected for all star lineup. 6 degrees got the silver stick award. At the same time, the defenders did not fall in the city. He won the gold glove twice. prize. In the 2006 season and the 2011 season, Pu Husha rate St. Louis Redsho won the World Competition.

Residents Pioness represents the palette of personal achievements, they have sent him into the gate of the famous Hall. In the 11th year of St. Louis, he played up high. 328 / .420 / .617 strikes around. The 1705 game was played out of 445 Barrier with 1329 points. 2005 to 2009 is the peak period of the name of the name of the name, 30 bangs 100 points each year, three national-year-old MVP is also the best praise for the Holy Heroes of St. Luis City.

Then Puerto went to the Los Angeles angel, now he is still a house in St. Louis, and will be unveiled from time to time. With the changes in the lapse and list of years, the pops bought by the fans have been washed from the red, and the young people who screamed in Pophangs in the heyday have entered middle age.

The peak is no longer the old teammates.

Time flies, the 7th game of the 2011 World Competition is near the eyes. Before the start of the series, the red tones old Tentoni-Larua returned to the Bucketball to watch Popjes in nearly ten years after he retired. Walter, General Manager, General Manager, Sapphire, also sat in the front row, and he was the one who brought to Poppitals in the election conference.

The flush catcher Molina and strong investment Wright went to the end of the career. The player of the red squid, and Pu Heders, the players who were Matt-Copte, when he was still a lot of food, and now he became a 33-year-old old. There is no coach in Pu Heders era, no coach is still teaching in St. Louis.

Albert Pop Pop Pop Poppy hosted its own label to the city of St. Louis, just a red scitch fans talked about the legendary story of the “Biochemist”. During the peak of Pop Poppy, the Five of the Red Senda was almost all the dreams of all pitcher. Maybe when Putue left this city, he slowly walked down the altar, from an MVP to the star player, and finally became a old man who was flattened to the battle.

After coming to the new team Los Angeles angel, Putue is a milestone for his career, and the 500th is hit, and then in 2017, he also ranked among 600 clubs. He reached a 3,000-play famous hall indicator. But some numbers are still slightly in the beast record left in St. Louis’s Ramp.

Every time I fight, the sagf fans are still crying for Pophangs. Holy Lanes, Wan people, empty lanes, to the fans, watching Pophangs, hooked some past memories, Putue surpass the division of the main team – a visiting team faced the old land to get a championship.

I have never left in the past eight years.

Albert – Pioness has always been looking forward to itself to returning to St. Louis as an angel player. That was where he had fighting. He got three national-year-old MVP with a 13-round appearance that was not optimistic. The last season left the world contest, returned to St. Louis, his name and sagny Forever No. 1, guerrillas Ziqi Smith also has a full range of Wang Stein – Mohuai so legendary star compassion.

“I think,” Puthangs said on Saturday, “I will have a lot of emotional fluctuations.”

“Residents” Pu Herdess left the Heritage left by San Lusios and 1329 points more meaningful than 445. Historical wheels continue to go forward, these statistical data will be broken one day. However, the relationship between Putue and the city surpassed the baseball sports itself, he has been working locally to treat Down’s syndrome. This is the main reason why people worship, admire and appreciate his main reason.

Putue has already left the red bird, but he never left St. Louis.

In 2005, Propos was inspired by his daughter Isabella, and the establishment of charity funds helped for those who were born with Down syndrome. Nowadays, Pop Pophang has expanded to the root Dominican Republic, and the focus of work is to help those innate genes have defective children. According to statistics from the US Down’s syndrome, there is a syndrome of Down’s syndrome every 700 babies.

As a father with Down’s syndrome, Pophangs transforms daughter’s disease to help others. The Pophangs Foundation is very simple: a monthly event is held for Down syndrome patients. When Pop Pophang was expired, the Foundation held 80 activities and projects. Now this figure is 125 per year. It is estimated that 60% of the Foundation activities are held in the St. Louis region, and Popputs in the season will still take time to return here.

“You want to leave a good reputation in St. Louis. It should not be only on the court, the ball is equally important,” Puthangs said. “For me, no matter where it goes, I hope that I can give the vectors to point out the way should walk. Care for others, this is the most important thing. My life is very fortunate to get a lot, can do myself for the society Weight is my responsibility. “

Albert – Pop Pioness has changed St. Louis, regardless of interview inside and outside the course, the local people will not hesitate to answer: This series is not Pu Heders for many years for the first time. For them, everything is just a visit to the city hero who has never said goodbye.

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