MLB 2021 playoff game DAY18 Warri Lodge Shengshi Space People 15

On October 24th, Beijing time, the Sound of the National Union Championship NLCs, the Warriors defeated the Dodge at home, and the road to defend the defending of the Los Angeles Damn Atlanta.

On October 27, Beijing time, the World Competition is open, and the space operates at home to fight the Warriors. The following is some interesting points mentioned in the outreach of the official website.

First, the 2015 “champion is gathered, who is stronger?

Warriors guerrillas Dansby Swanson and Space Man Tablet Alex Bregman are the 2015 elevated champion and list. So in the morning, the game will be the first time in the history of the World Competition.

In fact, when the two were leagues in the NCAA Baseball University, there were three seasons in the same alliance: SEC. BREGMAN Effect LSU, while SWANSON is in Vanderbilt, both of them are guerrilla.

Second, can Rosario still continue to violent?

Former Shuangcheng Main Cannon EDDIE ROSARIO played against the sky in the Sixth War of the National Union Championship NLCS, and the strikes were scared to death? .560 / .607 / 1.040 (Attack Index Ops up to 1.647), won the MVP.

However, historical data shows that the Warriors don’t pin you on him. After all, the Babip in his six games is high. 579 (the proportion of the playback of the ball after playing, generally approximately. 300).

The far example, such as the Daniel Murphy, the 2015 Metropolis, the National Union Championship, is as high as 1.850, and the world contest has suddenly plunged to .470. The near example is the Kike Hernandez of the sock, after the historical stage performance, the last four horizon only .235, the red socks also lost to space people.

Data experts have statistics to some Alliance Championships LCS to win MVP players, they have an average OPS in this series up to 1.208, but they will then fall in the world competition to .695.

Of course, the frontal example is less but not. For example, 2011 David Freese, NLCs, and World Contests broke in two consecutive series of OPS. The nearest example, the Dody Seager and the rays of the 2020 season, Randy Arozarena, also maintains stable output in the world contest.

Third, do you want to knock down?

Spaceman first pitcher FRMBER VALDEZ This season is very tube. It is used in the regular season. It has created an epic rate: 70.4% is the highest value since the official 2008 statistics. The first Dallas Keuchel, 68% belonging to the 2017 season, and he assisted the space to win.

And the spacemaker’s field of defense has also played outstanding. Under complement, Valdez’s pool performance is quite beautiful, and 12 wins and 6 defeats in 22, ERA3.14.

However, the Warriors just is very good at avoiding the ball of the ball. In the era of today’s flying ball, the rolling ball is usually, the better, the rash ratio (GB%) of the season is: 107 wins alliance records the best giant, 39.7%. The Warriors’ 40.3% exclusive alliance second.

But the warrior may be careful of the young outer wild hands of space people Chas McCormick. Data showed that his field is very good. According to the advanced preparation data OAA, he ranked up to fifth, and his three positions in the field have excellent presence performance.

Fourth, dare not dare to velider?

During the period 2008-220, the Warriors spent only 51.6% of the speed ball in the 2021 session, and the Alliance was second only to giants (48.2%, 2021) and Daoqi (50.7%, 2019).

The spaceman is the most good team that attacks speed balls in the entire league, and the spending rate is the lowest in this season. Of course, this is not to say that space people are not good at dealing with other spheres.

5. Who is more bombard?

In this season, the Warriors and Spaceiers have achieved 4 battles in the game than the other. And if the openness is less than the other party, the Warrior is full of defeat, the spaceman is also full of three games.

Let’s take a look at historical data. In the 2020 season, the opening of the other side was 35 wins and 5 defeats. This year, it is 20 wins and 1 defeat, which of course, including 8 wins and 0 of the world contest. It can be seen that the home run production is the decisive significance of the seasonal battle.

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