Mid-lost 73 points hot discussion! The Lakers are tied, Wang Meng is distressed, Su Qun: NBA is necessary to reduce the team!

On December 3, Beijing time, NBA has a heavy news, welcoming https://www.maillotbasket6.com a historic moment, the Thunder is 79: 152, this is a game that is not concerned, but because of the 73 points to create NBA new Historical record is concerned!

Previously, the NBA single game was 68 points. The experience was Cole and Lao Lari, US Time December 17, 1991, the knight overhered the heat at 148-80, when Nanz won 9 points, 5 points! The first game of the two teams of the game Alexander and Molant did not play, the thunder scored 15 points, the Grizzlies scored a double, of which 6 were substitute, and there were American media to dry out. Paper version of this game data statistics!

After this war, many NBA players have pushed the rough mouth, chasing dreams “73 points of differences ?! You can really say that” Damn “Molant can’t help but hurt salt” “I can’t wait to return Go to the https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com team, the wonderful team victory! “Such a tragedy is really unimaginable, the Thunder has been rebuilt in the past few years, but no matter how such a defeat is too embarrassing, you may not often watch the ball, don’t know now Who is the Thunder!

At this time, the Lakers are the lake, happy is Paul! This season, the Thunder reversed the lake in the Lakers to win 45 points, saying that it is very embarrassed, and the Lakers lose this team that is expected to be defeated. And Paul, it was launched for a long time because he had suffered a 58-point defeat in the playoffs, but now in front of the Thunder’s 73 points, there is a little https://www.nbatrikots4.com small witch to see the big witch!

The big names of the country are hot, and Wang Meng “73 … this is a game …. I distressed my explanation of peers

Su Qun “lost 73 points, https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
this is the NBA history record. Thunder is not, it is not two times, it is not Kiljes – Alexander is not playing, the Grizzlies Morrant did not play. It seems that the NBA is necessary to reduce the team. “

Such a game, such a team, is destined to be loaded into the history, the Thunder is long! Reconstruction is returned, but the shame of the shame is still very shameful. Today, the lineup does not see the future, since it is to rebuild at least a talent, the energy, but it is really impossible to see such a game. Can Alexander and Giter support the future of the team?

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