Little Purton worried that the contract could not turn forward to call the music, Don’t let me rest.

This season, Xiao Pen became the defensive trolement of the Warriors, he has contributed 29 steals. His father Gary Pedon has been selected for all star and annual best defensive players (1996), and is called “gloves” because of its defensive excellence, and Xiao Perton has also known “Young Gloves”.

Recently, Xiaodon accepted an interview with NBC Sports. In an interview, Xiaodon talked about his father and he had a contractual issue in the Warriors.

In an interview, Little Perton explained to the media, and he didn’t mind being compared to his father. “I know someone will take us to make comparisons, I try to do it, just make sure you continue to do myself. And, you know, I can’t let the name of Payton.”

The reporter let Little Perton talk about the difference between herself with his father. Xiao Perton said: “I have more exercise more than my father. I think our defensive skills are the same. I also need to
continue to exercise the offense, continue to practice my shooting, improve my hit rate. Continue to cut, more Whether there is no ball. “

“I think I don’t need so much ball. The ball usually finds me. My teammates are doing very well in this area. I also got a help of dreaming Green and Curry. I have to continue to learn.”

As interviews, the reporter asked Xiao Purden: “How to evaluate its own performance this season?”

Little Pedon: My start? I think it is not bad, still in learning. I want to arrive at January 10 to love you, continue to do everything I do to help the team. I tell all the people, teammates and my coaching group, I want to stay with them, don’t let me rest.

Little Perton’s answer, let the reporter are shocked. The reporter asked, you have to play out so good at the Warriors, and still need to worry about the arrival of January 10?

Little Pedon: Yes, absolute. I try not to think about it, but after the game, I know the existence of this date. So, do everything I can help this team now. I hope to stay in the warrior.

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