He was first rewritten from this more than 72 years ago MLB.

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Which numbers in sports are special meaning? In football, No. 9 and 10, most of the most powerful players in the field, in the field of basketball, mentioning almost everyone in the 23rd will first think of Michael Jordan, the 12th and 18th rugby, It is a number of top quarter-defense, such as Patton-Manning, Alon Rogers, and for the racing movement, No. 1 is the exclusive number left to defend the championship, I want to open a car to win the game.

However, any number without any movement will have a sacred, lofty position https://www.fanartikelsportde.com like 42. As long as it is a game held on April 15 on April 15, all MLB teams, players will wear 42 jerseys, commemorating Jiegi-Robinson, in 1947, this MLB history, the first black player boarded big Alliance.

On this day, all players of the big alliance will be in the 42nd jersey competition.

On this day, all players of the big alliance will be in the 42nd jersey competition.

Black age is rejected

Strictly speaking Robinson is not the first black player in MLB, 1901 Bal’s Mojie (now Yangji, with the current Jinxi not the same team), John, John, John A black player Charlie – Grant. McGuo demanded Grandmine named “Charlie-Takhamar chief”, playing with the Indian identity, but he is a lot of confidment, but later because of Grant’s black friend congratulated him, it caused the identity to help, he had to leave the team.

This story tells us that when the black player is not accepted by the white https://www.fanstore2.com
people, it is impossible to play the big alliance to play. But the black people also love baseball, and I want to play baseball. They can only build a variety of alliances, and the historical monitors are called “Black League”. A few generations of top black players have emerged, and they have gradually established the name of black players.

The number of big league has a number of people in the 20th century, Walter, Johnson, was “praised” a black player: “There is a catcher, any team is willing to use $ 200,000 to sign him … His name is Gibson, simply I have nothing, put the ball in a mile, can be arrested on the rocking chair … however, he is a colored person. “Johnson dominated the throne in the player, if he saw Gibson’s strength, The level of baseball is not on the white. However, his attitude is still as decades ago, thinking that the white can only play baseball with the white people. Black person? Play your own black alliance!

Talented four-race player participating in the army

Robinson grows in such an environment. In 1919, he was born in Georgia’s farmers. It is the boss in five children in the home. At the age of 1, it will be held in California. Robinson showed the top sports talent when he was high school. He played guerrillas and catcher in the school baseball team (in addition to the most difficult position outside the teenagers), the football team hit the four-point guard, the basketball team hit the guard, the track and field team training .

After entering the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Robinson still insisted on participating in four projects. He became one of the four black students in the football team. In 1940, he won the NCAA Jumper Tournament. Interestingly, he was the most bad thing at the time, and the hit rate was only a poor 0.097.

Robenon during UCLA

Robenon during UCLA

After graduating from college, Robinson concentrated on football, because the black man was discriminated against, he had to turn around, including Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii, a half-occupational competition. Perhaps this, Robinson will become a common rugby player who struggled to find a job, and everyone. All of this changed with the Japanese army hit Pearl Harbor, the United States joined the World War II, Robinson was recruited.

Robinson joins the 761 tank camp, which is a troops consisting of black soldiers, so “Black Leopard Camp”. The Black Leopard Camp is the first black armored troops participating in the actual combat, and General Barton has specifically reviewed the unit. In the famous Aden Battle, the black leopard camp as the striker of the fourth installor division, took the lead in attacking the Qi Gfei defense line, fighting meh. However, Robinson did not appear on the battlefield, before the black leopard, he had the opportunity to kick the German’s butt, he was a unfair military court trial because of discrimination.

Robinson has joined the army

Robinson has joined the army

Although it is deprived of the honor of the country, this experience in the Black Leopard camp is not meaningless. Participating the army hinds Robinson’s rigorous life style, but also let him know that the black people have been treated seriously. His future achievements have buried a film.

True hero dare not hit

How many black people fight for the military to improve the social status of the entire ethnic group, but the overall situation of the black man is still too big after the war. In sports, you still play each other, whites play MLB, black people fight the Black League. After the demobilization, Robinson has done a school team basketball coach, followed by the invitation of the Black League, starting to play baseball.

At the same time, the open Brooklyn Dodge Board Blanch-Rickleman has promoted the black player’s idea of ??joining his team. But as a savvy businessman, he is very clear that it will set off an uproar in public opinion, so select people are very important. First, his strength is strong, otherwise it will not serve. Second, he must behave excellent, and abide by discipline, can’t make trouble. Black players will encounter all aspects of provocation. If he can’t stand the child, not only you can’t stay, you will also destroy all blacks into MLB opportunities.

So Ricki found Robinson. There is a famous dialogue between the two, and Ricklene warns Robinson, no matter what discrimination, he can’t hit. Robinson Question: “Do you want to find a player who doesn’t have a biliary?” Ruiqi replied: “No, I am looking for a player who is courageous!”

Harrison-Focur and Dwick-Bosman reappeared at the scene in the

Harrison-Focur and Dwick-Bosman reappeared at the scene in the “42” movie

Robinson agreed to Ricki’s conditions, the experience in the past army made him understand the goodness of the boss. He patted a large and small provocation, wind wave, won the coach and teammates’ identity and respect. White players realized that Robinson is a good person who is Qianxian, a decent person, accepted his existence of one member in the team.

However, Robinson just hit racial discrimination, and he would not be polite for every ball that turned to his.

Senior newcomer dominates alliance

Although the Robinson is 28 years old, it is a bit old for newcomers, but he still played a very excellent results.

In 1949, Robinson won the King of the King of the King of the National Union at 0.342 hits, and most of the time was maintained at 30%. His choice is also great, career is 0.409, and is 12.8% of the preserved rate. This level can be discharged in history. Relatively speaking, his long is a weak, but as a hitter who is very high, his hit is excellent enough. Especially to take into account his crossed second base, this is usually a relatively weak position. In the horizontal comparison, he is among the best in history.

As the old track and field health, Robinson’s flying legs are also very famous. He has two programs that have been honored by the country of the country. Because running speeds decline with the growth of players, Robinson is 28 years old, and there is a rare result.

Robinson during the Grand Union

Robinson during the Grand Union

His defensive strength is also top-level, and 5 seasons have followed more than 10 points for the team, and more than 81 points have been accompanied by more than 81 points.

Comprehensive performance, if the contribution value is calculated in accordance with the victory contribution, Robinson has three seasons (9.6 wins 1949, 19.7 wins in 1951, 8.5 wins in 1952), one is in the second (7.5 wins 1950) The other two times in front of them.

Throughout the 10-year league of Robinson, he won the new king in the disposal season, 6 times in selected all stars, 1 time to fight the king, 2 times, 1 time, 8 times to get MVP vote, And won this to high honor in 1949. Career accumulated victory contribution value 61.4, after retiring, I was selected.

Black player pioneer flat

With the success of Robinson, the black player entered the MLB’s shackles was thoroughly broken. In the year of Robinson, there were four black players with his footsteps, and 15 black players were added after 3 years. Especially in 1951, Virgin, the enemy, the New York Giants (later San Francisco giant), Mes, the victory contribution of his career can take the top five in the history of the entire majority.

Other alliances have also followed, and 1950 NBA appeared in Chuck Kuber. NFL signed Mel-Groms and Bob Mann in 1948, the large scale introduced black players. NHL appeared in 1957, the first black player Veri-Orui is directly known as “NHL Jie-Robson”. He himself said as an idol, when you are young, you have two scheduled stars.

Robinson and team boss Blance - Rick

Robinson and team boss Blance – Rick

Most importantly, the black players in Robins are greatly encouraged to advocate the grandeur of the black people. Since Robinson strides a respect for the black people in the American national ball, why every black man Can’t you win the same respect for your life? We can even say this, there is no Robinson, there is no Martin Road, no Dodge 42, there is no “I have a dream.”

The fate of a player, in addition to self-struggle, will drive historical https://www.mlbdrakterno.com trips. In 1997, the Great League passed the resolution, all team retired Jiena Robinson’s 42 -2 back to recognize his contribution. Today we saw countless 42 jersey active, inheriting Robinson’s spirit. Before the baseball, everyone is equal, this is the greatness of baseball.

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