Giant three players finally in the ESPN Big Star Defense Core

Recently, ESPN announced the 2018 season’s NFL Hundred Couple Rankings. Because the 2018 season regular season has not officially started, and in the voting stage players are not included in the scoring criteria, this list is more than what the player will present in the new season.

Finally, three New York giants successfully won this list, although this does not fully reflect the strength of a team, but has more star players often means more fans pay attention.

As for these three players, it is actually not difficult to guess, I believe that you must know as a giant fans:

Little Odel Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.), 11th

Just promoted to League Sales The highest ranking of the League, there is no suspense, has become the most ranked New York Giants in this list. But in all external hands, he only ranked third, the arrest in front of Beckham is Pattsburg Stephen’s Antonio-Brown and the Atlanta Falcon, Jones, two people ranked fourth and eighth respectively Bit.

Perhaps a lot of New York Giants Fans will think that Baker Ham is ranked too low, but considering that he has just recovered from injuries, this ranking is still a relatively reasonable result.

Landon Collins, 60th

Landden Colin is the fifth security guard in this list, and there is a Harrison, SM, Seattle, Harriese, Tomas, Eric, Minnesum, Seattle Hawks in this list. Malchem ??- Jenkins in Philadelphia eagle.

Compared with the previous external hand ranking, the ranking of this security guard also exists some disputes, and one of the four safety sages before Collins is now not in the list of training camps, and one is 31 years old. Of course, in the defensive system of the new defensive coordinator James Betcher, Collins has the opportunity to contribute to the best season of career, so if you look at the name of Collins in front of you in the next season, Please don’t accidentally.

Sac Wan – Barkeley, 87th

As the only rookie player in this list, Sac Wan-Bakley’s entry has been more confirmed by its 2018 Elementary Sipioba. The number of runners in this list is also a lot. In addition to the four-point guard, the outer hand and the defensive end have 14 players, the running and corners are all ranked in all positions. The fourth place.

Before Bakley, there were 8 running fronts, which were Pattsburgh’s steel man’s Levian – Bell, Los Angeles ram Tod – Galley, Dallas Cowboy Izikir – Elliot, Arizona Rushing David – Johnson, New Orleans Saint Alvin – Kamara, Kansas Chief Carrim Hunas, Los Angeles Lightning Mervin – Gordon and Atlantian Dawning Drava – Fry Man, and the Run Wind Darvin – Cook of Minnesota-Cook is behind Barkley.

Of course, the ninth of Barkley row is large because no one can know what he will perform in the rookie season, but I believe that as long as it is not accident, the ranking of Bakley next season will have A large increase.

Of course, these three New York giant players have been in the top of the Big Star list, but it seems that the core of another defensive group of the team is forgotten by people. He is defensive cut-off Dagun-Harrison (Damon Harrison) . In the past, Harrison’s value has been underestimated, so you may be very surprised that the best anti-running defensive cutaway of this league has not been selected for career bowl. In this list, there are seven defensive cut offs. If Harrison wants to rank among this list next year, he may need to increase the skills of more eyeballs.

The top ten players in the list:

First place: Alon Rogers, quad segments, Green Bay packaging

Second: Tom-Braddy, Quadruple, New England Patriot

Third: Alon – Donald, Defensive Dragonfly, Los Angeles

The fourth place: Antonio-Brown, outer pickup, Pattsburg steel

Fifth place: Feng-Miller, outside, Denver Yam

Sixth: Drew Bris, Quadruple, New Orleans Saints

Seventh: Levian – Bell, Run Front, Pattsburg steel

Eighth: Hulio Jones, external walk, Atlantan Falcon

Ninth: Jun Ramse, Corner, Jacksonville America Tiger

Tenth: Carlier Mark, Outer Hand, Auckland Assault

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