Falcon continuous gambling is successfully difficult to reverse the Saint Saint Continue Thanksgiving Day is unbeaten

Beijing time November 29th, 9:20 in the morning, Atlanta Falcon’s home gave the New Orleans Saints. The team in the two Guohuan District held a visit in the Night Tournament of Thanksgiving.

Although the story that the Falcon’s reversal has not been reversed in the super bowl, the Falcon’s state is now great, and the first team of the offensive alliance.

The Frunter’s 3 wins and 8 losses, the results of 9 wins and 2 losses, and the direct white point is basically white. The final saints defeated the Falcons in 26:18, and locked the seat in the playoffs in advance.


The Falcon and the Saint Shed team have worked 101 times in history, and the French team occupied 53 wins and 48 advantages.

Wonderful review

After the competition, the French team took the lead in launching an attack, but he had to get away from the red area. However, this first abandoned kick was blocked by the Saints, and the Saint Shed team attacked from the Falcon Squad.

The Saint Square San Delu-Bris After the start of the game, the short passed to the team’s substitute quarter Sau Sos, Hill completed the Dava, 7: 0.

After the start of the second quarter, the Falcon four-dimensional Matt Ryan took the exterior of Karvin-Leadley’s long biography because the saints were governed by the saints. Saint team’s red area.

Subsequently, the near-end Harden Glaham received Matt Ryan’s 18 yards in the front of the zone, but the additional division of the Korean player county in the English-playing, the French team only achieved only. 6 points, 7: 6.

The Saint team returned to the venue started a free kick in the second quarter, and pulled the score to 4 points, 10: 6. The Falcon’s player is wrong with a free kick of 42 yards, but also gives the Saint team very good at attack start position.

The Saint team relies on this opportunity, or just acquired the replacement of the four-point Swan Sos, Hill, rushed out of the defense, and got 30 yards of the squad to Du, 17:6. 3 seconds before the end of the half, the French team once again got a 45-yard free kick, this time the player’s county is free of charge, and recovered 3 points, 17: 9.

At half a break, the Falcon’s head coach Dan-Quin emphasized the conversion of the Saint team. However, the Falcon team was sent to 3 times.

First quad-saga-Ryan is preparing to give the Saint-Vonta-Freman’s short pass by the saints of the saints of the saints of the team’s defensive ends, Tattel directly copied, and on the back of the way Try the Matt-Lane to Try to Hold.

After another starting with the Falcon, the Falcon started for 3 minutes, Matt Ryan once again sent a copy of the CD, and Matt, the second half of the fourth time, was knocked down in the promotion of the pocket.

The French team sent a ball switch three consecutive times and funerally funerally sent the game suspense. The Saints were 5 minutes left in the third quarter. At the beginning of 5 minutes and the fourth quarter, I kicked 3 anywhere, I got 9 points, 26: 9.

3 minutes before the end of the game, the French team finally achieved a reach, but there was no significance for the victory of the game.

As the Falcon’s two-point conversion failed, the Falcon has achieved 6 points, 26:15. But there is no time, although the gambling kicks of the Falcon team will succeed, but only a shot, only 3 points, 26: 18.

Player data

The Saint Shedquer 4-point Delu Bris 30 passed 18, 184 yards, 1 time Deta. Estabard Alvin – Kamara 11th running ball, 61 yards. Close-edge Harley – Cook 3 times, 85 yards.

The Falcon Square Swan Swan Tut-Lan 50 Biography 35, 312 yards, 2 times to reach, 2 times. Run Devon Tower – Fremman 17th sports ball, 51 yards. Extraction of Carlin – Leadley 8 times, 91 yards.



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