China Basketball Three News! Zhu Shilong’s get out of class, 5 people absent the world, Zhou Qi and most team meet

Although there is no CBA competition recently, there is a lot of news about China’s basketball, let us know, NBA is wonderful, that is also people, Chinese basketball is your own child.

Let’s talk about the information of the CBA team Fujian team, although they defeated the Beijing team, but overall, the first phase of the record is not ideal, there is no Wang Zhelin and foreign aid, many players are protracted. This also leads to the management of the management, and the main coach is undoubtedly the fastest solution, so in the last few games, they let Cui Wanjun rest, let Zhu Shilong re-launched the pointer, return to the coach. However, from these few cadres, it is still an oldest, the Fujian team has no improvement, so management is also very helpless, knowing that the problem is not the coach, therefore the second phase of CBA, Zhu Shilong again, returning to assistant The position of the coach, and Cui Wanjun is again class, doing back the coach. I have to say that the high-level number of Fujian team is really interesting. Zhu Shilong is not fried. As the
position is ready to take the coach, it is as if it is ruined, the spare tire in the spare tire. And they didn’t replace Cui Wanjun, indicating that they have to be rotten this season, and the final goal is the final goal.

Then there is a news about the Chinese men’s basketball team. In addition to the previous Qilin is eliminated by injury, 4 people left the Chinese men’s basketball team. They are Liu Weiwei’s guidance, Guo Shiqiang guidance, Liu Peng guidance, Shenzhen team players Shen Jie. The first three coaches did not go to Japan, mainly because of the cause of the epidemic, because it would be isolated after returning, which will affect the club’s preparation. Plus them is not a team that belongs to the Chinese men’s basketball coach. They are just obligations to help, so they can not understand. I can only guide Du Feng. If the men’s basketball team is not good, I hope that the fans will be in the mouth, and it will spray a little Du Feng. As for Shen Jie, his situation is like Qilin, the neck is hurt. I didn’t understand, I don’t know why Du Feng wants to get hurt to enter the national team. Is it good to choose Tao Hanlin? In this way, there are 5 people in the Chinese men’s basketball team, and the specific person list is shown below:

Finally, Zhou Qi’s situation, he is from the Chinese men’s basketball team, from Australia to Japan. Today, he has been in the same hotel in the same hotel. But because of it is to be isolated, they can’t meet now, so they can’t work together, and they still need to wait for a while. Zhou Qi came, the Chinese men’s basketball team is complete, they will be with Beijing time on November 27th, 11:05 and November 28, 17:35 and the Japanese team for two games, time is quite urgent, blessings Everything in the Chinese men’s basketball team, double kills the Japanese men’s basketball team, and returns to the country with victory!

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