Birds cannon! One person super bowl gambling to the ram to earn 100,000 US dollars

The 53rd super bowl score and the results are unexpected, many people’s betting in the Los Angeles ram is endless, and no one thinks that there is a Ruoshiko race team with the strongest offensive firepower in the regular season, it is completely collapsed on the super bowl. It is only 3 points to go to the ram. However, the failure of the ram also makes a few gambling people instantly fur, and there is such a person to win 100,000 US dollars from the failure of the ram.

A betting from Ningdahua spends $ 250 to bet on the Los Angeles ram. When this person bets, the race has only 3 points to 1 pay 400, and finally he guess The score of the ram and won the $ 100,000 with $ 250. In addition, a supervisor from the Sports betting gambling in Ningahua, this “great” bet is under their casino.

Although we don’t know the name of this bet, he is definitely a strong person, and it is full of confidence in the Bier Billarck coach. To know, betting a team only in the NFL regular season 3 boss is almost a bamboo basket to play an empty thing, let alone super bowl of competition. In the history of the super bowl, the minimum score record of the single team is 3 points, which means that the Los Angeles ram must focus the superb bowl of history minimum score, this person can win money.

In addition, there will be such a tragedy in the Super Bowl, and in the regular season, the Ramfar has been 32.9 points from the 2018 season NFL field to score the second high team. At the same time, in Mike Wei, as the main coach of Los Angeles, the ram only has no more than 10 points. So before the super bowl, there is not many people dare to gambling such a hand.

In fact, in the last minute before the game, the Los Angeles Rasquette did not have to share the account. It is estimated that the better has been prepared to send money, but with the Greg-Zullen kicking 48 yards The ram returned some faces and brought by $ 100,000 for this bet.

Under the tempting odds of 1 pay 400, use a little money to fight, but Fan Bo once, the return is not imagined, but this still needs enough courage and courage. So now the better must thank Zullein, which is this player to help him turn $ 250 into six-digit income.

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