Apply for a decentralized? Throughout 3 consecutive games, the Rocket No. 24 shows the general manager conversation

1 winning 16 losses, rocket current record is the union’s unique file, the bad record is not unacceptable to the rocket fans, after all, the rocket is in the early stage of rebuilding, it takes a certain transition time, but for the fans, it is unacceptable. Yes, the rocket is clearly a rebuild team, but the team’s coach Silas gives more appearance time to the old will of the team. This is also the original intention of the team to cultivate young players. The decision of Salas not only Let the fans complain, the team’s rookie players are quite dissatisfied.

As of now, the Rockets’ eye show Green represents the team to play 17 games, and the average of 32-minute appearance time; followed by the team’s No. 6 show Shenjing, representing the Rockets of 16 games, and the average can get 18.8 Minutes, there is a match for a game because of his personal injury; then on the 24th Xiu Cristobal, the team will play 11 games on behalf of the team, and the average can get 7.6 minutes, most of whom is on the garbage time; the most important thing On the 23rd Xiu Garba, only the Rockets played for 7 games, and only 6.4 minutes of appearance time.

It can be seen from the battlefield and debut time. The least paying attention is Garbaba, and after the opportunity to go continuously, Garbabe has secretly expressing the social media to Salas. Dissatisfying, soon, they were put on the development alliance. This is also a wish for him. After all, you can debut. However, Christopher did not be decentralized with Garbabe, but continued to stay in the team to train, but he did not have the opportunity to get the appearance. Up to the end of the game, Christopher has not got out of the game for three consecutive games. In fact, it should be said, after all, the core defender of the team is absent two games, the ball The team’s guard line is more tight, and however, he should also get some appearance time, but in fact, Salas did not intend to enable him.

This is not seen from the latest public training video. Christopher seems to be a little less not full, he finds the general manager of the team, and Salas is also next to it. Although the media does not open the content of the two parties, it can be guessed that Christopher may be to play the competition to the development of the league. After all, for the new show, you can only prove yourself if you get the opportunity, but in the Rocket Topo, there is no attention from Castle, so it is better to develop the league game. Only in this way can you get yourself improve.

After all, Christopher’s talent is not bad. Although it is a bit unique on the court, it has a significant physical advantage, and he has more focuses in the defensive end. Combining his ability, Christopher still has a lot of potential to excavate. But this requires that Salas will be obviously inverted in the premise of getting the opening time, and the reuse will hopes to end losing, but the team is a losing streak, this is not unfortunately uniform, hope Salas can recognize the facts as soon as possible.

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