82 + 25 + 26! Lakers Big Three tried, Vogel the get out of class was over, Anthony to a raise

NBA Western Conference regular season ushered in a focus of war, confrontation of the two sides is the Lakers and Kings, two teams are currently located in the ups and downs, God played a super performance reversed after James Walker return, coach Waugh Siegel obtained https://www.nbatrikots4.com the right to breathe the day today at home against the Kings, for the Lakers is a must win game, the king is the last game Lectra pioneer, you want to win the game continues winning streak. The campaign to join James Davis and Westbrook led the battle.

The first section of the two teams feel cold coming up frequently blacksmith, then both sides feel warmer score biting, the two teams battle into 20 levels, sub-section back at the end of the first section, the Lakers once more flowering dominance, Fox and Hilde Biao in the third stop the bleeding, Harding Park half, the two teams still battle into 43 levels. Easy side again after the war the two teams you come to me to continue the exchange, the middle Westbrook teamed Munch 8-0 spurt after the end of the three Lakers ahead by 5 points, the margins up, the two teams play score https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
climax after another, followed by James and Fox has scored a layup, James lore not in the third, the two sides battle into 100 levels into overtime.

Overtime, James and Westbrook continuous impact to get points, Fox and Hilde led the team to chase points, Hilde Biao key three, Davis and Hilde has dumped into the James pointer by the Cavaliers are not in, when the two sides into double overtime, drumming battles, both teams continued to bite you come to me, James Fox Biao, the king failed attack last shot, when the two teams continue to tie into the third increase, the battle continues, the continuous take Fox points his dominant, Westbrook critical two free throws, Anthony third of continued life, but Davis was disallowed for offside foul, Hilde made two free throws, the Lakers finally Kings 141-137 Lectra.

Lakers, https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com James 30 11 7 plate promoter, Westbrook 29 points, 10 2 co-off plate 11, Anthony – 23 points Davis plate 8 3 4 co-off cap 4, Anthony 16 and 4, 20 minutes 5 Munch plate 3 promoter. King side, Fox 34 and 6 and 8 promoter, Hilde 25 4 plate 6 co 2 minutes off, Halliburton plate 7 9 19 points 5 co-off plate 7 Bagley 13 minutes 4 promoter, Thompson 13 minutes 2 5 co 2 cap plate, Terence – Davis and 6 and 13, Lane 12 points and 8 boards.

The Lakers scored 20 + 4 total, five players in double figures. Big Three under the H-82 points 25 rebounds and 26 assists, but was powerless to prevent the explosion of data the Lakers lose, the Big Three playing time has reached 50 minutes, Westbrook even up to 51 minutes. After three plus time, the Lakers can only rely on the Big Three deal with their rivals, coach Vogel has not made any changes. Not so much the Lakers lost to rivals, as it is lost to himself. Munch’s state hot but still did not get any shots in overtime, it is difficult to refuse Vogel major mistakes.

The King may use several players in overtime rotation, the Lakers never had transformed lineup, Westbrook and James watched the other players a ball inside a ball hit the ground, it is very hard to understand, as Vogel what significance coach. Anthony’s performance today is still good, the team is the only negative is a positive number of players next season must give him a raise. Vogel led the limited strength, leaving him running out of time, the get out of class has entered the countdown stage. How to make good use of the Big Three’s lineup, compared to Lu guide Biwogeer more say.

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